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Get Moving With Fitbit

When I first started this whole “fitness” and “healthy” living kick this past spring, I was not interested in exercise one bit.  Everything hurt to move.  Why would I want to increase movement?  Why would I want to sign up to be shamed for my lack of mobility?

My husband had a Fitbit.  My son had a Fitbit.  My daughter had a Fitbit.  I wasn’t sure what all the excitement was about.  Could it really be necessary or helpful to strap something onto your wrist that could sync with your smart phone to track calories, steps, and even sleep?  I wasn’t very enthusiastic, to say the least.  For me, this little devise was a way to feel guilty when I fell short.

However, I knew I needed to step up, so I ordered the most inexpensive Fitbit I could find.

When it arrived, I held the rather unattractive rubber bracelet in my hand and wondered if it was going to emit harmful rays… you know, like cell phones are reported to emit.  A quick internet search put my mind at ease… it was safe, so I strapped it on my wrist and went about my day.

Two months later I am hooked.  Rather than making me feel guilty about my lack of exercise, it motivates me to hit the daily goals I have set.  I started with the goal to just move every hour.  It kindly buzzes at the end of the hour to remind me to get up from my desk and move a bit.  I lowered my goal steps to something just outside of my norm and it motivates me to reach that goal.  Every couple of weeks I inch my goal steps up.  I am working my way to 10,000 steps (5 miles of walking).  Every week I get closer.

I am hoping to make walking more of a habit.  I do have to be patient.  My knees and feet can’t always handle the pressure.  However, each day I am moving more and moving closer to making walking a daily habit I can achieve.

I love that it is light weight and water proof.  Every 3 days or so, I take it off to charge while I am in the shower so it can charge.

I was having trouble with sleep.  This nifty devise helps me to  track my sleep habits. I have been able to understand my sleep patterns better and to make adjustments that have helped me improve my sleep.  Who knew that mattered?

It is harder to monitor swimming and biking well.  Although, my fit bit counts my piano skills while I teach as steps. That cracks me up!  It measures steps via your arm swings using some technology I don’t get.  Thus, stationary exercise, like yoga, doesn’t count for steps.  It really isn’t designed to measure my overall fitness and health.  It’s sole purpose is to encourage me to get out and walk more.

This little gem doesn’t shame me, like I feared.  I feel no guilt.  When I don’t make my steps, I am learning to rejoice in moving every hour or that I took more steps today than yesterday.

I would totally recommend getting a Fitbit or some other movement tracking devise.  We spend so much time on couches, in office chairs, or rocking chairs that it is nice to get a gentle reminder that bodies are actually designed to move.


I got my Fitbit on Amazon (my favorite way to shop!) Fitbit on Amazon.  It was down from $99.95 to $59.95.  I saved $40.00. I like the band it came with (it snaps), but I was not wild about the extra bands I bought.  I didn’t like the clasp and the extra band that stuck out and got caught on my clothing.

I wholeheartedly recommend getting a Fitbit if you are looking at a gentle way to remember to get out and move.

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