Satisfaction Saturday

Satisfied with Fall

I am pretty sure fall has been my favorite season for many years… perhaps it is because I was born in the fall. I thoroughly enjoy the colors, the holidays, the changes… fall is magical.  It makes sense that I celebrate my satisfaction of the changing season.


I love the changing leaves.  This year the trees in my yard are turning a bright red… lovely!  The changing trees around town look a bit like rainbows. Each tree down the street changes to a different color.  Occasionally You will see a tree that is fading from green to yellow to orange to red.  It is so beautiful.


I love that fall begins baking season., although I will need to do some modifications this year since I have started a healthy lifestyle.  I love the smell of fresh bread and sugar cookies wafting through the house.  This year those smells will mean someone is getting a treat… I will enjoy the smells of a fresh pot of vegetable soup!


Fog.  I love foggy mornings.  I makes the valley look dream-like.  Mysterious.  The weather, in general, is perfect… not to hot and not too cold.  There is the perfect mixture of sun and clouds, a slight chill and bit of rain.  Perfect!  I love the contrast of a sunny day and cool crisp air that happens together on a fall day!

I love it when I catch a whiff of smoke coming from a neighbor’s chimney.  It reminds me of fall days when I was a kid sitting next to the fireplace reading a good book. (Too bad I don’t have a fireplace these days. I’d sit by it in a cushy chair and read a book!)  The smell of a wood burning stove mingles with the leaves crunching on the ground and you know that fall is in the air.  It fills my nose with happiness.


Finally!  You can drink warm tea and you don’t feel too warm.  I may even indulge my taste buds with hot apple cider. Yum!  Nothing like a hot cup of cider to swirl a cinnamon stick in to help you celebrate fall!

The spirit of change is in the air as the year begins to come to a close.  Most people look at the new year as the time to make changes.  Some how, fall feels like a great time to change things up.  Maybe it is because fall begins a new school year… a new beginning.

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