Family Friday

What’s Happening in Our Neck of the Woods

It’s been a couple week that I have blogged about the family and it is about time I catch up and put a few pictures out there.

We had all the grand kids over for a Spring Egg Hunt. Kimber and McKay dyed all the eggs with the kids the day before. Lilli and Ethan hide the eggs, plus a few plastic eggs with candy, all over the yard. This year I was smart, I had a different color for each grand kids. Everyone was happy. They helped each other find the eggs. It was a great time. Actually, I really liked how I prepared the family for Easter this year. This year, we focused on the activities the Savior would have experienced during his last week. I even made a Passover meal. Sadly, no one was home to eat it with me. That experience made me ponder how alone Jesus must have felt as He approached the greatest sacrifice the world has ever known. After the egg hunt I made a special Sabbath meal. I was inspired by me experience with Fiddler on the Roof. I made lamb and other Israeli foods. I then explained the symbolism of the Passover, and the special Sabbath foods I had made before offering the meal/evening prayer. Sadly, this time I was to be gone. I had an event at the high school. So, I served dinner and drove away. This lead me to ponder how Jesus prepared His disciples for a spiritual feast and then left them to ponder all that they had learned. I had even left them with instruction to watch a couple testimony inspired videos, which they did.

Sunday McKay and Myles and the kids came to listen to John give a talk in church. After church we made lunch and roasted marshmallows on the back porch. McKay and Myles’ family left before the dinner I was going to serve – fish and honey since those were the first food Jesus ate after His Resurrection. Although the day didn’t go quite as I had hoped, I think this has to be m favorite holiday experience. I felt very prepared to celebrate the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I tried hard to help my family prepare too. I will definitely do Easter this way again!

I haven’t been good about taking pictures. Still… a few more significant things have happened over the past couple of weeks. Lilli went with Symphonic Choir to state. They did not place. However, I think they sounded great and they did get the highest score they have ever gotten on sight reading. I know they are a little disappointed, but I think they should proud. They are mostly a young choir. As they mature they will see victory. They work hard and have tons of talent. Besides, they do have a pretty awesome director. Jeff does amazing things and inspires them in many ways.

The saddest thing happened last week. Charlie, our beloved golden retriever that we have had to the past 11 years, had to be put down. He started having seizures that were out of control. He couldn’t walk. He was in great pain. When we took him to the dog ER they said he had a brain tumor. It was hard to see him in such pain and to see the overwhelming sadness of Lilli as she said goodbye to one of her best friends. He was the greatest dog. He loved his girl. He followed her everywhere. He never really learned to play fetch, but he liked to eat apples, catch food you threw at him, and go for walks. He especially loved going to the beach. He is deeply missed. Kirby doesn’t know what to do without his best pal and still is looking for him periodically, throughout the house. Until we meet again Charlie.

Lilli got her braces off…

…for 10 minutes. LOL. They took the brackets off and moved them so that they could get the perfect look to her teeth. She should be done with braces by Christmas time. Lucky girl. I still have at least a year to go.

John went to Seattle to attend his nephew’s wedding. Between the temple and the reception he went sight seeing with his sister Leann. The building across from her hotel had a crane collapse just before they got there. Scary! He also had fun visiting MaryJane and her family, and helping McKay and family, who also made the trip.

The grand kids are a constant source of entertainment. I picked up Lenayah from school this week. She talked my ear off all the way back to my house. She was super excited to see Freya and to give her the Happy Meal we got for the two of them to share. They really are a source of entertainment, from how they read books to you, to how they play, and what entertains them. I hope their parents know how blessed they are. Being a grand parent ROCKS!

Lilli and I have been working a new production… Schoolhouse Rock LIVE! This is a production workshop class project. The kids have all designed, built, etc for props, set, light, sound, and publicity for this show. I am pleased with how it is turning out. Lilli is the choreographer for the show. She has done a good job. I opens next week and is just now looking like it is coming together. The nice thing about class projects is that we don’t have many after school rehearsals.

As a result, we often spend a couple afternoons a week supporting this kid at his tennis games, supporting Lilli’s friend Jocie at track, gardening, and even chill-axing. Lilli spends most of her free time with Ethan. He is getting her into tennis. She is educating him in all the classic Boyack-cult movies. He’s a good kid. I really don’t mind having him around. He is willing to ignore my messy house or at least pretends not to judge me. He plays great with the grand kids. He is good to Lilli and is willing to work with the family rules and guidelines. He fits right in – almost like he is part of the family and has been for ages.

In the past couple of weeks John and I got to go to the temple. That’s pretty cool. Lilli and I went to a CET meeting. It’s hard to believe that is about to start. We went and saw the play Yellow, directed by Heather Dunkin. It was so good. We went to see the new Avengers movie. It was long, but it was pretty good. All kinds of twists and turns. The next couple of weeks hold all kinds of chaos… school, work, the opening of 2 show (I’ll explain later), and a couple days in court (also to explained at a future time). Chad packed up his stuff and moved to Arizona. He has a summer job there this summer selling pest control… so if you live in Arizona and dark haired kid knocks on your door to sell you pest control, please buy it. He is trying to earn money for college, which he hopes to begin in September (okay, it is really his 3rd year in college, but it will be his first year at a Utah school). He is taking this very seriously. He even shaved. That’s right. The beard is gone.

So… there it is. the family report ACTUALLY WRITTEN on FAMILY FRIDAY for a change. LOL.

How was your week?

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