Family Friday

Family Friday – Keeping Busy

Winter is upon us.  Rain has become the norm.  I’ve missed rain.  It’s a welcome sight.


John installed a new water filter.  I am so glad!!!  I love to drink water, but filtered water is so much better than tap water!


I worked a couple concerts at school.


Hannah and Lilli are silly girls.  They decided to pose like this carrot.


John worked a couple of days from home.  It’s easier now because I got him a large screen for his computer for our anniversary.  He had a constant companion all day.  Cat even groomed his beard.  We have an odd Cat.


Lilli’s choir sang at the WOU Christmas tree lighting.  The choir sounds good.  They have an awesome blend this year.  I’m excited to see how the year pans out.

Lilli did animal makeup in her stage makeup class.  She did a fairly good job.

We held auditions for Lion King at school.  Once again, I am collaborating with my friends Linda and Jeff.  It will be a fun show!  Lilli auditioned.  She did a good job.  I am very proud of her.  All of the students did a great job.  I am so impressed with how much they are all improving!  The cast list is not posted yet, so I will have to say who got what later.

I had a good laugh at my friend Jeff this week.  He finally has “old man” glasses.  He thinks he is getting old.


This week I took the time to really prep for the week of meals.  It is nice to have an organised and healthy looking refrigerator.



Hannah and I worked on a backdrop painting for Howard Street Middle School.  I will blog about it all later.  I completely love how the painting is turning out.

That was our week.  Next week will be exciting.  We will know who got what in Lion King.  There will be auditions for 2 more shows that will be rehearsed during classes.  There is an elementary school concert and a dance recital in the auditorium this week.  And… CHAD COMES HOME!  We are so excited.  It’s going to be a great week!

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