#bethelight – Day 32

Sadly, I did not have time to stop at the “giving tree” yesterday.  I will need to do that today.  I was, however, kind to everyone I was in contact with yesterday and I made a kid’s day yesterday, that that should count for something.

Today, I will work on #LIGHTtheWOLRD again.

Jesus taught:  “I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink.” —Matthew 25:35

People around us are thirsting both physically and spiritually. We can help them receive the life-sustaining water that their bodies need and the living water that their spirits need.

(I got this from the #LIGHTtheWORLD website).  To learn more about #LIGHTtheWORLD click.

There are so many things we could do to help people.  Today I will donate some money to the Humanitarian fund with my church.  They help people get water around the world.  I also want to do something locally.  I think I will donate a case or two of water to my local food bank.


Join me!


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