Family Friday

Great things are happening

It has been a great week!  The sun came out this week.  We got the hammock out.  We played ball in the yard.  We tried to chill a bit with family.

Work has been going well.  I am excited to see how things go with our World Theatre class.  We have covered the difference between ritual and performance, chorus work and masks with a selection from a Greek play, Story telling with puppets that the students created using creation stories from various cultures from around the world, story telling through dance and body movement, and now a play sharing a story from a Latino perspective.  since we cancelled Noises Off, we are having the Production class work on a couple little one acts to add to the World Theatre evening.  They are presenting a native American tale and a tale from the Middle East.  The show is in 2 weeks.  I am so excited to see this idea come to life!  Check out some of the dances the World Theatre class is learning!

There is more!

These are still a work in progress.  I also had  a friend come in and teach the Salsa to class.  We will be using the salsa dance as part of of play, Manzi – the Story of a Young Caesar Chavez.  Our Latino students taught this dance style to the rest of class.

At the end our show we plan on inviting the audience to join us on stage to dance and to celebrate people for all cultures.  I am so excited!

I also observed a city council meeting that the junior and senior classes were invited to participate in… well, I worked it because they were in my space and needed my microphones.  II think this is a great learning opportunity.  I think it would be beneficial to host a school board meeting in the same way.  I think the school district could truly benefit from the student feed back as well as the students learning from the the process of bring education to our community.  I wrote about a few of my observations and thoughts on my Thought Tuesday blog.  You can read those thoughts by clicking here.


Meanwhile, John has been gone to Utah on Business.  He got to see a movie with Chad and he took McKay’s family out for ice cream.

Beckett is now working on his “selfie” skills.  I think he’s nailed it!

While he was gone, I worked in the yard.  I potted a few flowers.  I got my friend Ethan to help me hang a couple flower baskets and he helped me start a brick walk way around the front of my house.  I’m hoping to really clean up my yard.

I started walking.  I started with 15 minutes per walk and yesterday I walked for an entire hour.  I’m feeling it today…  I am hoping to jump start my health again!


Lilli updated her hair… highlights and 3 inches cut off.  It looks great!

Hannah is doing well in Arkansas.  She is experiencing cool new things.  She was super excited to share the gospel and participate in a baptism.

It’s been a great week!  How was your week?









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