Family Friday

Gah! The Week has Been TOO Long

It’s beginning to look like the Christmas season… Well… concert season.  This has been my view every evening this week and it will extend into next week.

The week started with the Talmage Middle School Choir concert.  The next day was the High School Choir concert.  They did a fun set in Spanish with a rumba, “harp”, and guitar called Carols and Lullabies.  It was about about 18 minutes long.  They made a couple mistakes, but they did pretty well, if you ask me.  Plus, I got to see an old friend, Michelle, who came in from Utah where she is studying to get her Masters, to help with the instrumentals.  Lilli got to sing a solo in a song called I Believe.  She did a great job.  I was sad her dad missed it all.  I am super proud of Lilli .  She is doing a good job rising above and moving forward, no matter what the people are doing around her.  The choir concerts were followed by the High School band concert and the middle school band concerts.  The band director arranged this great Frosty the Snowman variation where Frosty melts.  It was very clever.  Now I have a dance recital to finish off the weekend to look forward to.

Usually, I leave the house while it is still dark because I’ve been going into the school early for lessons and what not.  But this week I left a little late and was able to catch a few pictures of the fog.  I do love me a foggy morning.  It seems so much more peaceful somehow.

Ben and Freya are keeping busy with school and home things.

Holland is working doing chores.  LOL. and even a little Christmas decorating.

Hannah said goodbye to her District and friends in Missouri…

… started serving in Bentonville, Arkansas.  Now she has a new companion and a new Christmas tree.

So that was the week.  I am NEVER HOME.  John wasn’t home either.  He went to Utah for work.  He was gone the whole week.  McKay is trying to survive without Myles.  Myles is getting the hang of a new job.  Chad is working on better health and does a couple of things to help McKay here and there.  It’s been a long week!

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