#gratitude, gratitude

An attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 56


Today I am thankful for all of the things pictured in the picture… Cat, my house, flowers budding in my yard, time to sew after school, the awesome sunrise and sunset for the second day in a row, family and friends, time chatting with Riley, thing that make me smile, my wind chimes, good food and fasting…

Today I am thankful for scriptures and things to ponder.

Today I am thankful for a few productive meetings at work.

Today I am thankful 3 more bears sewn together and waiting to be stuffed.

Today I am thankful I stayed calm while John and discussed money and budget. That usually sends me over the edge.

Today I water. My goal is to drink 116 oz. a day and I made it!

Today I am thankful my lessons went well in class. I enjoyed the interaction with my students.

What are you thankful for today?

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