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An Attitude of Gratitude Experiment 2.0 Day 55

Today I am grateful for the BEAUTIFUL sunrise. It stopped me in my tracks. I was even late getting out the door because I just stood in the living room window marveling at god’s ability to paint with light.

Today I am grateful got the GORGEOUS sunset. I didn’t expect to be equally impressed with the sunset as I drove home from school today.

Today I am grateful that I got my week’s worth of lessons down and posted before 5pm. I usually do it over the weekend, but I spent this weekend working on Lilli’s Operation Give A Hug fund raiser for Pageant. But I got them done. Now I can rest at easy with meetings, classes, and a little time to plan next week.

Today I am grateful that I got scripture study in before I went to school. Two thinks impressed me as I studied the first few verses in D&C 3. First, “you have been entrusted with these thing…” I thought about all the things God has entrusted me with and evaluating just how trustworthy I am proving myself to be. God has entrusted me with my kids and my relationship with John. God has entrusted me with a house and a yard and creatures. God has entrusted me with a good job teaching teens. God has entrusted me with a testimony of Jesus Christ and a love for the prophets and for the scriptures and for personal revelation. The trouble seems to be in, do I entrust myself? Do I trust that God trusts me? I need to work on this. God trusts me so I need grow my confidence and trust that He trusts me. The second thing that impressed me is this thought. Satan really doesn’t care if you fall off the wagon to the left or to the right. He doesn’t give a rip if you fall off to the extreme left or to the right with extreme, radical, evil behavior. He could careless if he pushed you to the left with permissiveness, violent reactions to others, a hate for religions, a continual insistence on division of thought and peoples. He could care less if he pushes you to the left with extreme, fanatic, warped, religious thinking and accusations or with an extreme ability to hear to listen. He only cares that you fell off the wagon are left in the dust of bouncing along eating dirt as you are dragged behind. We need to remember God’s promises. These promises are like airbags. Commandments are like seatbelts. The point is, we need in to increase our trust in God and use the safety measures He has provided to STAY ON THE WAGON!

Today I am thankful Colby Jack Cheese, dry salami, Keto drinks, 2 hard boiled eggs a peanut butter sandwich, and Lentil soup.

Today I am thankful for fasting. I usually fast from Sunday night to Tuesday night. I know it’s a long time, but it is part of my intermittent fasting routine. In addition, it helps me to rely more on and to trust God as I seek the blessing of increased health.

What are you grateful today?

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