Theatre Thursday

Sound of Music Set Design 

  Although I had been designing light for productions at Central High School, Sound of Music in February of 2009 was the first time I got brave and ask if I could design the set.

This stage was a cafetorium.  There was no fly loft.  There was no wing space.  There was no room for the band.I came up with the idea to replace the leg curtains on the tracks with flat.  I used TV flats.  I taught my kids how to paint marble.  Seriously… building my sets has become a family affair.

I was able to design, build, and paint the whole thing far cheaper than they had been able to do sets in the past.

This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship!  🙂

Lighting in the cafeteria was interesting to say the least.  I had a total of 15 front lights and 20 overhead lights, including strip lights.  The light board was an old two scene/preset board.

Three of my daughter were in the show – 2 as nuns and odd characters here and there, and my youngest cast as Gretl.  My oldest daughter ran the light board and my son ran a follow spot.  It is great that I can “play” and the whole family comes along for the ride.
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