Family Friday

Wrapping up 2017 at the Boyacks

What a great week!  John returned from visiting his parents.  His mom gave him this beautiful tea cup owned by his Great Grandma Lillian Brockbank.  He had a good visit with his family.  The last lunch he ate with his dad was a memorable lunch.  As he was entering the lunch room, he witnessed a young lady getting ready to play the Grinch.  During the meal the Grinch came in and would “steal” the residents presents.  People were also asked if the wanted to have a picture with Santa or the Grinch. Grandpa Boyack said he didn’t care for a picture, but they didn’t hear him and posed with him anyway.  When the picture was done, he whispered to John, “Tell the Grinch she has nice legs.”  LOL.  That is so funny!

John arrived with McKay, Myles, Leneyah and Beckett. Sure love these guys!  We don’t get to see them often.  They are super fun.  Leneyah is smart and busy and has an opinion about everything.  She loves to run and to play.  Beckett is super cute and always smiling… when his mom is holding him.  This stresses out him mom a bit.  Still, this won’t last for long.  Soon she will miss his constant snuggles.

On Saturday we all went to the temple for Hannah to get her endowments.  Hannah and I left early and headed up to hit the distribution store and Deseret Book.  We then realized that Hannah had forgotten her recommend.  Panic!  Thankfully, John could leave quickly and drive it up earlier than he had expected to leave.  All was well!   It was so cool to have 4 out 5 kids and their spouses and my parents in the temple all at once.  I am thinking that Hannah may have been the most prepared.  She seemed at peace… even with all her questions.  Soon she will head off on a mission.  The house will be very quiet then!  After the temple we all went out to eat.

Chad has spent time catching up with old friends.  He’s played games with Jon and Jacob, visited with Dean and Keegan, and spent time with Lanae and her family.  He seems to be adapting to post-mission life quite well.  He leaves next week to move to McKay’s house in Logan, Utah to work on getting healthy and to work.  He is hoping to start school somewhere in Utah in September.


After a successful Christmas program for sacrament meeting, we all spent time creating memories.  McKay led the troops in making sugar cookies.  Kimber made cinnamon rolls.

We took some family pictures…

… and put on Christmas jammies.  Then we sung a few Christmas songs and watched a Christmas video about baby Jesus before heading to bed.


I helped McKay write a letter to Santa… I was tired.  Look closely and you will see the evidence.  My mistake made for many giggles on Christmas morning.


In the morning we opened stockings…


… and presents.

Hannah had some of my favorite present giving this year.  She made a Christmas ornament for Chad.  It was covered in mini-Chad’s and his face.

John and I gave him the Honda and some car maintenance stuff for Christmas.


Hannah’s wrapping job on Ray’s gift was the best.  The cup wasn’t too bad either.  She made him a cup that said “I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you…”  Very fitting.


Hannah also learned to knit and made all the girls ear warmer headbands.


Lilli seemed pleased with her gifts.  John and I broke down and got her an iPhone.  Her old phone had died.  At least now I can trace her and see where she is.  🙂

Hannah had her going, thinking that maybe there wasn’t a present for her from Hannah.  Finally, Hannah pulled it out.  Lillian cried.  Lilli has been struggling with the idea that she will soon be the only kid at home.  She has been struggling with friends too.  Let’s just say, she’s been feeling alone and doesn’t see the loneliness getting better, but worse.  Hannah made her a book, a picture book, that proved just how much she is loved.  It was the most thoughtful, heartwarming gift.  I think Lilli will treasure it always!

One of my favorite gifts was from my parents.  The past few years they have written a book of memories for the family.  This year’s book focused on the memories of my dad.  I laughed and cried all the way through that book.  I have great parents!

I spent the rest of the Christmas day in the kitchen.  I was creating… 2 meals.  A vegan meal and a more traditional meal.  Read more about it on the up coming Menu Monday.  All the time in the kitchen wasn’t just for Christmas dinner.  That food lasted my clear to today.  I think today I will finally finish off the leftovers.  That isn’t too surprising when I am the only one who really enjoys the vegan food.  LOL.

However, the vegan sugarfree chocolate “cake” was a hit with most people.  Beckett LOVED it!  I will need to try to make it again and this time I will write down exactly what I do… then I can post the recipe.

Before Myles and McKay drove away they all played games.  This game is a hoot!


McKay and Myles had to leave a little early.  The weather forecast was not good.  It was good they left when they did.  They freeway closed after they went over the Blue Mountains in eastern Oregon.  They were able to arrive safely… even if McKay got food poisoning when they stopped for dinner along the way.  Thankfully, she has been able to work a couple days before they load up in the car again and drive to New Mexico to visit Myles’ family.

Next up on the week?  JennieLynn’s wedding reception.  JennieLynn and Manu got married before Christmas, but came to visit for Christmas.  Kimber was in charge of decoration.  I helped her borrow a ton of trees and stuff.  It turned out super pretty.

In a couple of days we start a new year.  2017 has been good for us.  We have grown as a family… and as people.


We have a return missionary…

We have our last high school freshmen…

We have a new car…

We have participated in many good productions…

We have good jobs…

We have succeeded in educational goals..

We are blessed.

You can see more about our year by looking at the following post:

Family Friday

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