Family Friday

A little Catch up… ok, a ton of Catch UP! 

So much to catch up on… It’s been since February.  How does time move so fast?
Ok… In February we celebrated Ben’s birthday.
Chad visited some cool ice things on the big lakes in Michigan.
It’s hard to believe that he still has this white hat.  My mom made this white hat for me when I was 16.  Chad’s claimed it for him and calls it his “lucky hat.”  It really is lucky.  He loses it all the time and some how it comes back.
Kirby got arrested.
He tried to follow Lilli to dance.  Someone on the Western campus saw him and took him to the police station.  Lilli was a basket case.  We looked and looked for Kirby.  We said a little prayer and John and Lilli started to drive around to look for him at 11:00 at night. I stayed home and for some reason, decided to look on Facebook.  There was Kirby!  The police had posted his mug shot!  We had to wait until morning to get him.  We have never seen Kirby nor Lilli so happy!
McKay and Myles and Lenayah and Becket came to visit.
I missed the trip to the Gilbert House.
But all the pictures seem to prove that everyone had fun.
This little guy can sure bring some smiles.
I did get to go with everyone to the Salem Carousel.
That was great fun too!
Of course, we had to get our traditional picture as they left for home.
I worked on a show called Bocon at Central High School.  It was a great little one act that was in English and in Spanish.
I got to work with a different set of kids than I usually do.  I loved those kids and really want to see more theatre opportunities for them!  As always, I will write a blog about this show experience later.
I went to the Oregon State Thespian Conference with these great students.  I spent the first day judging tech entries and spent the rest of the time enjoying workshops and productions from other schools from around the state.
There was Easter…
… and silly girls.

And John’s birthday… so I hired my friend John to do my “honey-do” list as my gift to John.  I hired John for finish the bathroom and to redo the laundry room.
The bathroom cleaned up real good.  We fixed the broken sinks in both bathrooms. We fixed the electrical that never got finished.  We added trim and gave it a new coat of paint.  It’s a very pretty bathroom now… despite the picture proving I need to clean it.
Then we went after the laundry room… We built this shelf and mud room thing on one wall…
Moved the washer and dryer to be near each other and altered the floor to accommodate the change…
Built better stairs into the house and made hand rails…
and raised the floor a foot and got actual flooring.  All that I really have left is to clean up the walls, paint and trim that outside door.
Lilli kept working on dance and getting ready for her dance recital.  Hannah finished her first year of college at Willamette.
John took Lilli to see Jake Shimebukaro.
He signed Lilli’s ukulele.
Both John and Lilli were in awe.
In May, we opened Aladdin JR. at Central High School.
This was a performance class production.  I have to say, we are getting better and better at making this kind of production a success!
Be looking for a blog about this show later!
I spent a ton of time working on theatre classes at the high school.  I don’t know if I am really making a difference, but it beats sitting around at home by myself.
We got to Skype with Chad for Mother’s Day.
It’s got to overwhelming for the poor guy.  This is what he sees!
I worked at the face painting table for the yearbook signing party at school.  I had to laugh.  Hannah was sitting next to me and commented that I was more popular that she was when she was in high school.  This is a new phenomenon for me.  Ok.  I did sign a ton of yearbooks, I most definitely did NOT sign very many yearbooks when I was in high school.
I taught the kids in my tech theatre class I help with how to sew on a button…
… and how to sew a blind hem.
I think kids today are jipped!  When I was in school we had 1 semester of home economics and 1 semester of woods and metals for ALL students.  Electives included things like electronics, cooking, sewing, wood working, metals, the arts, music, automotive skills, etc. Now a days, we are so focused on getting kids to be be “college bond” that we shame them into believing that careers that don’t require college are never going to support them.  The truth is, plumbers, electricians, welders, builders, cement finishers, etc. actually make a decent living, some times as much as or more than the college attending teachers that are convincing them that college is the only way to be successful in life.  We are doing these kids a disservice.  We are not really giving them a well rounded education that helps them to discover their interests and talents.  We are not giving them the skills they need to adult.
If I had my way, I’d teach an Adulting 101 class at the high school.  Simple adulting skills like, making appointments, caring for cars, insurance, medical knowledge, cooking, menu planning, mending, taxes, bill paying, banking, etc would be the coarse subjects. Seriously!  We are producing generations of kids who have no idea what being an adult is all about.  I’d even “given them a wage” by using their GPA was the wage.  I’d have them hunt for living accommodations, cars, insurance, phones, cable, etc and let them see if they could make it on their wage.  I’d want them to understand that good grades is more then getting scholarships and into college.  Good grades reflect effort and dedication.  I’d want them to discover all kinds of things to find what they really might want to do daily for the rest of their lives.  If On’y I ruled the universe.  LOL.
I helped with the Thespian Awards and show case.
We have so many skilled and talented kids.
It is my hope that they have learned valuable life lessons through their time in theatre at Central High School.  Again, life lessons are the real education.
Lilli is getting ready for High School.  That’s right.  She is that old.  She auditioned for the fall musical, Addams Family, for Mainstreet (the early morning choir), Symphonic Choir (the advanced choir), and the production class (doing The Bully Plays in January).  She got into all 4! My baby is growing up.
A few of my seniors graduated.  I’ve worked with these guys, in some cases, for the past 5 years.  They will be missed.
I worked graduation from the sky box.  We waited nearly all day before deciding not to put the sound equipment on the football field.  At 4:00 we could see that the forecast called for rain.  Safety first!
The administration was skeptical at first… then if rained… all the way through the reading of the graduates names.  Proof that we made the right call.
Hannah is doing what she can to go on a mission.
In fact, her 2 friends are going on missions too.  One already has her call.  She is going to Germany, Hannah’s dream mission.
Lilli sang a solo at 8th grade graduation.
She has done well transitioning into public school.  She has made some great friends…
… and even kept her grades up!
Hannah and Lilli helped me paint the family room/kitchen.
They stayed up all night.
And John and I woke up to this. I love how it turned out.  It’s fresh and bright and definitely looks cleaned… even when I don’t have time to clean.
That led to my next project.  While John and the girls we gone to the coast over Father’s Day weekend, I got my friends John and Laura to help me with John’s Father’s Day present.  I had saved money for awhile and had found a cool old furniture piece to make into an entertainment center.
They helped me repair, alter, and paint the old furniture.
It took us several days.
We could barely move through the house.  I send John Hatch shopping and he came in under budget!
And we ended with this!  I love how it turned out!
This is John’s reaction.  I think he likes it.  Not only did we get a cool pretty entertainment center, we got a big screen android type TV, new sound system, new DVD/Blue ray player, and it was all set up by the time he got home.  WE no longer need to go to the movie theatre.  We have our own movie theatre in our house.  LOL.
Jana came to visit too.  We had a blast!  She tuned my 2 pianos (the one I’ve owned for years and the one I rescued from a building that was going to be destroyed) and a couple of pianos of my friends.
She had a good laugh that I could get all these people to help me.  She said I was like Tom Sawyer.  She thought it was especially funny that most of my helpers are named John.
Meanwhile, Hannah and Lilli and John enjoyed the cold and rainy beach near Cannon Beach and Astoria.  There was some kite flying…
… and some castle building…
… and some playing in the ocean…
… and some camping with the grandkids…
Hannah worked on the team with Kimber and the rest of the Jessops.
They earned 3rd place this year.  Pretty good since they are in the professional division and only do this for fun.  Maybe some day Yvonne can have dreams come true and play in the sand for a living.
Chad is still serving in Michigan.  A member took a couple pictures and sent them to me.
He is in a new area and hopes to stay there until he comes home in December.
This picture is Hannah letting go… it sums up much of the last few months.  In the past couple months I have been released from seminary.  13 years is a good run.  I will miss it.  In the past few month we lost a child and gained a high school kid.  In the past few months I have spent more quite time at home than seems possible since everyone is busy with school or work.  In the past couple months I watched kids graduate and move on. In the past few months, my friend’s job got simpler and there could be less need for me at school.  Life is ever changing.  Although I seems super busy, I also lead a boring life.  It’s hard to find time to blog, but it’s also hard to find things to blog about.  Anyway, I sense such change coming.  Soon, I will have one kid at home.  Moments of my kids being around will become few and far in between.  I guess the river bend of life hold surprises.  Not sure how I feel about that.

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