Family Friday


This scripture thought has been in my mind this past month.  From snow days that complicated rehearsals and the opening of a show, to personal trials, January, the opening of 2017 have nor been the smoothest of months.  Trials are a great reminder that God is in charge.  Trails teach us to love as He loves.  Trials make us stronger… makes testimonies and faith stronger.
It wasn’t all bad.  John and I took the girls to see Finding Neverland , the musical, at the Keller Auditorium in Portland.  The show was a great reminder that magic and miracles are real… and I do believe!  There is nothing like the experience of well done, live theatre!
Hannah was scheduled to go on a tour with her Willamette choir.  It was cancelled due to the snowy conditions that opened the month…. not before she learned to make sugar cookies from an expert sugar cookie baker.
She made Star Wars cookies because her Secret Santa recipient in her choir loves Star Wars.
I really loved the snow.  It was refreshing.  There is nothing like the stillness of the world right after a fresh snow fall.  There is also nothing like the chaos that follows when the world we live in has no idea how to drive and move about in said snow.
Hannah turned 19.  She had to be a school and work all day.  Her friends took her out for cake.  We did give her some cute shoes, a dress, a battery to charge her phone on the go and a new mouse for her computer.  Sure love that kid!
Much of my time in January with these geeks….
Band Geeks opened and closed during January.
These guys did a greeat job.  I will blog about that process later.
Meanwhile… Chad continues to serve his mission in frozen north in Michigan.
Life is moving along and we are ever busy, growing and enjoying what we do.  January was a good month.

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