Family Friday

Opps… I Let My Week Get Away

So, this won’t be a typical post for me.  Friday was a busy day on the road, so I didn’t actually post on Family Friday.  Besides, I couldn’t wait an additional week to report on the most exciting thing of the week.  So her it goes…

Lilli used her last Saturday of Thanksgiving week to go to the beach with Chad.  I know that pictures of Chad at the beach exist, but I never got them.  They did a little shopping and the played on the beach and the they climbed the big sand hill in Pacific City.  They also went to the Christmas store and bought the Christmas ornaments for the year.  They have funny tastes.

Once we got back into the swing of things after Thanksgiving break, I went back to my crazy schedule of lessons, helping at school, rehearsal, and concerts.  This is CONCERT season.  Nearly every night, after Fiddler rehearsal, there is something in the auditorium.  It’s crazy.  This past week I had Ash Creek elementary School.  Boy!  Those little guys are full of energy!

Main Street perform at the WOU Tree lighting on Friday.  They had to do it without Witt.  He had a show at Pentacle.  They had some trouble.  They couldn’t hear the music tracks and got off a bit.  I really like their outfits this year!

Kimber went and listened and took video and such.  She and Freya went.  Freya got to sit on Santa’s lap.

Dad and I missed it.  We were on the road to Logan.  It was a long drive!  The roads were snowy going there and icy coming back.  Coming down the big hill by Pentelton in the icy and fog was SO SCARY!

We sure had fun playing with Beckett and Leneyah.  This trip, Kaiden interacted with my more than usual.  Personally, I think he knew.  He knew something cool was going to happen that weekend.  He was so happy and silly all day Saturday.

Saturday we got up and went to the temple.  It was so cold.  the ordinance was so sweet.  I know there were angels in attendance.

Despite how this picture looks, Beckett loves Chad.  Beckett and Leneyah were sharing a coat and he was knocked over.  Chad was trying to get a picture.  Let’s just say, it didn’t work out.  However, I saw plenty of evidence that Chad is a favorite uncle.  He is good with those kids.

Don’t they look sweet?!

After the temple we treated everyone to lunch at Angie’s.  Then we changed clothes and started packing stuff out of the storage unit and into the trail we had borrowed.  John Hatch was kind enough loan his trailer.  We were able to get it all into the trailer and our truck.  That will help them out in a few weeks when they can really move.  When we got home, we put it all in our garage so that we could give the trailer back.  We will then load it all back up when they can get into their house.  After all the loading, we went to the ward Christmas party.  Leneyah sang with the Primary.

Hannah is enjoying her mission.  This week she had a baptism.  She loved going to a mission zone conference.  Those are fun when you get to see all of your previous companions.  She taught the other missionaries how to knit.  They made ties.  They were in a parade too.  It is super cold.  Even more so when you are riding a bike.

They put up a Christmas tree.  I think there are my favorite ornaments.

So, that was that.  I promise to be better at writing in a timely manner.

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