Family Friday

That’s a Wrap October!

This week was Halloween.  Lilli and Ethan dressed up as Calvin and Hobes.  So funny.  I got Lilli the shirt and little red Keds off of Amazon.  We found a plush tiger outfit for Ethan at Walmart.  These two make me laugh.  Such great friends.

They went with Kalel to a costume YSA activity.  They took Kalel along.  Chad needed a costume so they all went back to Walmart and got him a plush Care Bear costume.  Goof balls!  Lilli and Ethan and Kalel also went to a Halloween party at the Vineyard family house after we went to the Dallas High School production of She Kills Monsters.  They did such a good job with the show.  Maybe someday CHS will do the show, but we will give it a couple years.

Lilli and I were pretty busy with Mamma Mia performances this week, but the little people at the house had fun with all the usual Halloween festivities, like carving pumpkins…

… attending the ward chilli feed and trunk-or-treat… and trick-or-treating down the main street of town.

John helped our friend John put a roof on the house he is remodeling.  Because John Hatch now works at the post office all day, they had to  start late in the day and work until the noise ordinance of town kicked in well after dark.

Mamma Mia had it’s final 5 performances this week.  It was a fun show.  The kids were great and had really grown close.  So many tears on that last performance.  I am so proud of all of them!  They have all grown into amazing people and performers.  We still have much of the year to go, but already, I am mourning (yet celebrating) this group of kids as I see them graduate and move on the world.  They are kind.  They are observant.  They have a great desire to do good in the world.  Even when one of their cast mates had everything stole out of her car during performance, including her wallet, computer, and spare change, during performance, they remained positive,supportive of everyone, accepting, and caring.  Awesome performances aside, these kids are the real deal.

Okay… as the mom… I was especially proud of my baby girl.  Slipping Through My Fingers got to me every single performance.  Before I know it, Lilli will be grown and moving on to bigger and greater thing.  These moments go by far too fast.  I worry that I am not teaching her enough, preparing her enough, and creating memories enough.  Heaven knows I fell short with all my kids.  But thankfully, a merciful God stepped in and all my adult kids turned out pretty good… guess there is hope for this last kid… even if I fall short.

I sure am proud of her.  She has dedication, loyalty, compassion. and drive.  She is not your typical 15 year old.

Closing night was fun.  Jeff and I surprized the kids and walked on stage for the final bow and did the end of the dance with them IN FULL MAMMA MIA GLORY!  Thanks Maryann Potter for helping us to pull this surprise off.  Thanks Kristina Mann for capturing the action.   Thanks Jenni Bower for teaching us old guys the moves.  It was totally worth Lilli’s face when I walked on.  Totally fun… but the boots killed my feet!  How do people wear things with heals?!!!

So… that wraps up October and now we are into November.  Just because a show is done does not mean our lives are slowing down  We have lots planned for the next couple of weeks.

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