Family Friday

Summer is Over, School is Here

Holy cow!  What a week!   This week marked the official beginning of school.  However, we started the week working at the school over the Labor Day weekend on the set for Mamma Mia.  Everyone still living at home went to the school for hours.

We started by mapping the floor for the turn table.

Then we built all the base pieces for the turntable and prepared the “spokes” with all the castors.  We were at it for 10 hours on Saturday.


Lilli had fun working her friend Bailey.  However, she reached the peak of fun on Monday when we worked for another 10 hours.

On Monday we laid out the spokes and screwed them to the floor.  Then, we pieced together the base of the turn table on the top of the castors.  By late afternoon we were able to screw down the deck.

I put a wire in the middle so I can add some practical lighting on the set pieces.  By the end of the afternoon, only John and I were left at the school  We did the final step.  We used a ladder to help us draw perfect circle and cut top to match the base.  I was so happy we got it to work!

Sunday, we celebrated Freya’s 4th birthday.  It is crazy how fast these guys are growing up!


I also went to celebrate my friend Rick.  He earned his Eagle Scout award just before his 18th birthday.  He is such a great kid.  It has been my pleasure to have taught him and associated with him.  He is such a great example and leader.  Way to go Rick!


School didn’t start for Lilli until Thursday.  She spent her last few days of summer bliss sleeping in, going to rehearsal and hanging out with friends.  Nothing like sharing a whole carton of ice cream with a friend!

I was a week of firsts at the Jessop house too.  Ben went to his first day of first grade.  Freya had her first day of pre-school… well she went to visit her school at any rate.  Holland had has firsts every day all day.  It happens when you are a baby.

I’m a lame mom and didn’t get a picture of Lilli on her first day of her sophomore year.  You all will have to settle for her own self portrait along with her portrait of her friend Ethan on their first day of school.

Lilli sang the National Anthem with her choir at the assembly.  I was helping the ASBEC boys learn about the sound system, so I got to snap a couple pictures.  Lilli also got picked to play a game of dodge ball – students against teachers – for the assembly activity.  I thought that was fun, the homes school kid, who really hasn’t played many mass games, was picked to play a game in front of a 1000 kids.  She wasn’t bad and held her own.


Friday was also a home football game.  Lilli’s choir sang the National Anthem there as well.  It was a busy choir day.

Hannah loves her mission.  I got a great video of her trying to play basketball this week.  Sure made me laugh.  She is getting plenty to eat… lots of exercise… and many opportunities to share the gospel.

It’s been a busy week.  This coming week John will be gone.  Lilli and I will be on our own.  Good times.

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