#bethelight – Day 300 and 301

I’m not sure how I missed posting about lighting the world yesterday.  Too much happening.  And I really should be in bed as I type this now.  Yesterday was the first day of school for freshmen.  Today was the first day of school for all students.  Yesterday and today I went the extra mile.  I got up early and made everyone breakfast and packed all the lunches before running my daughter up to seminary.  Usually my husband would get her out the door, but today I thought it would be nice to let him sleep in a little bit.  Then, I went in, as requested, and helped find tech equipment, made a playlist for an assembly, ran music for the assembly, assisted in 3 classes, attended a calendaring meeting, listened to students, talked to students alone at lunch and encouraged them to find friends, went to rehearsal and helped block several scenes, came home and made dinner… now it’s time for bed.  Both days have been all about serving other and helping their jobs and lives be a little more pleasant.

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