Family Friday

Week 2 – A week of Learning

Our missionary has been gone 2 weeks now.  We miss her.  Nothing is the same without her.  For example:

Lilli and I went to the Regional Thespian Competition.  We rode the bus to Eugene.  I spent the day judging tech entries.  Lilli spent the day competing.  She did a great job for her first competition.  She performed in two events… Musical Solo and Group Musical.  She sang a song from Tuck Everlasting for her solo piece.  She did a great job and got good feedback,  She represented herself, her school and her hard work well, especially being a Freshman and going to competition for the first time.  If she keeps this momentum up, she will represent herself well, indeed, in the years to come.  She will also be following in her sister’s footsteps.  We missed not having this moment to share with her.  The Group Musical was a song from Starmites.  It did well enough get to go to State in April to audition for the State Showcase.  Lilli is super excited to have the opportunity to perform at state, as a Freshman!  I hope she understands that the “winning” is not what is important.  I hope she learns that LEARNING and GROWING is what is the most important in events like this.

I am super pleased with ALL of the kids who went to the competition and did their best.  It is such a great learning opportunity!  You can read more about what I think and learning and theatre here.

It would have been nice to share this with Hannah.

I do love helping kids learn.  It’s what I do all day, every day.  Here is a little video to document the first few “performing” opportunities the students in our new World Theatre class have tried.  With the exception of a few, this is the first time any of these kids have tried something outside their comfort zone.  The assignment was to work with a partner and to create a “fight” type looking movement using a touch, a through or under, and and around motions.

We started the class with them all saying they were too shy.  They couldn’t do it.  We ended class with everyone smiling, laughing and having fun.  They started the class divided, Hispanic kids on one side of the room and Caucasian kids on the other side of the room.  They ended class mixed up together, celebrating each others ideas and courage.  They started the class thinking that this might be a class to get out of as soon as possible.  They ended the class happy.  Several kids even commented that World Theatre is their favorite class and they wished they could stay there all day!

I wished Hannah could share in this experience!

Hannah only has a few more days left in the MTC.  She is loving every moment there!  She loves going to the temple regularly…



She loves taking classes and studying with the missionaries in her district.

She loves it so much she can’t stop talking.  LOL!  Her companion and roommates always say she should do her journaling, but she gets so distracted talking. Totally not surprised!

She is learning to widen her vocabulary.  “Fantastic!” is still a big part of her everyday conversation.  However, she is now adding superb, wonderful, extraordinary, grand, terrific, and many more!

She is growing!

Her companions mom sent them a package.  My daughter, McKay told this mom that Hannah loves ginger.  She sent Hannah Ginger.  She ate it.  Of course.  The missionaries all wanted to try eating it too.  They were not as impressed with ginger as Hannah is. Their faces were pretty funny… so we hear.  Wish we could have shared that moment too.
Here is a little something from Hannah about how she feels and how her testimony is growing:  “My testimony on the power of prayer grows each and everyday. God answers prayers. I know it. I know because he’s answered mine. He will answer so long as you ask in faith. Sometimes it’s something really little, sometimes it’s something that will impact your whole life. But if you trust Him, He will answer.  I’ve hardly been gone for two weeks and I feel like I’ve grown so incredibly much. My testimony of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ grows day by day. I have been brought so much joy because of Him. I am so thankful for His teachings in my life. I love you all! And so does God and Jesus Christ!  “Ether 12:4 Wherefore, whoso believeth in God might with surety hope for a better world, yea, even a place at the right hand of God, which hope cometh of faith, maketh an anchor to the souls of men, which would make them sure and steadfast, always abounding in good works, being led to glorify God.’ “

Sure wish we could share more of these moments.

Meanwhile, I keep working on Lion King.  It opens in a couple weeks.  I love how the costumes are coming together.  The set is coming a long… a whole lot slower than the the costumes are.  We tech next week.  I am not ready.  They kids are working hard.  They really are, but there is SO much more to do!  Gah!  I hope I can pull this off!  I was working this past week on painting the set, wishing for my favorite paint partner.  I really miss having Hannah share a love of shows with me.

Lilli is doing super well.  She got her first grades for high school… ALL As!  I am super proud of her!  She works hard.  She got an A in every class… She went to dance class… She was in two after school plays… she held down a job… and she misses her sister.


Check out what she is learning to do now!  This looks cool!

She isn’t a fan of being the only kid at home.  She moved into the room that used to be her brother’s room so that she could be closer to us.  I guess it’s now time to make her old room into an office and make my room only a bedroom.  That would be fun… if it wasn’t so much work.

These guys give me great joy, even if I don’t see them much.

I love to get little pictures and stories about them.  I love to see them learn and grow.  I love being a grand-parent.  Soon these four will be joined by more.  They grow up so fast!

Wish Hannah could share these moments too!

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