#bethelight – Day 102

I’ve been thinking.  Sometimes I shy away from people when I know they’re having a rough time. I guess I assume I should wait for them to approach me.  I don’t want to intrude… I am a private person and I really don’t like telling people about all the things happening in my life… at least not the deep dark things.  Then, I began thinking that I need to get out of myself.  Instead, I need to ask them how they’re doing. If they don’t want to talk, they’ll say they’re “fine.” Many people will be relieved to have someone to talk to. If I don’t ask, they might never mention anything to me. They might not want to burden me with their problems.  However, they may need someone to talk to, to get things off their chest.

Ask.  Listen.  Sometimes it is all that is needed.

What did you do today to spread light?

Join me!


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