Family Friday

Wrapping up February

Most of February has been consumed with rehearsals for Fiddler on the Roof. I worked extra hard to get all my tech pieces together because McKay’s baby could come any minute and I needed the show to able to move on whether I was there calling the shots or not. I really like how the show is coming together. It’s been a great experience helping to direct and to coach on this project.

Fiddler opens in three days. Our Marathon Day went well and I think the parents really enjoyed watching the show. Now, we just need to sell tickets! We only have 8 performances. We underestimated how long it would take to put on all the beards… 16 of them. LOL. These “babies” look so funny with that much facial hair. I wish Hannah were home to see this production. She would love the gospel ties, the message, and especially, her sister’s performance.

The biggest news of the past couple of weeks has to be the arrival of Tatum Hope Maxey. She is a cutie! She kept her mom uncomfortable clear up to her arrival. McKay and I spent all of last Monday evening and into the night laboring. I spent the night at McKay’s house and got up in the middle of the night to help her labor. Tuesday we went to the doctor and he sent us to the hospital to be monitored because of high blood pressure. They sent us home after many hours. Friday, she went in for an other blood pressure check and was sent back to the hospital to be induced… again because of high blood pressure. She was on pit for a few hours before they broke her water. Baby arrived an hour and a half later. McKay is a rock star! No pain killers! I did walk out of school on Friday and left Jeff to his own devises. LOL. Rehearsal went fairly well too. I did have a long list of things to fix before Marathon Day started. My Marathon Day just started long before the cast and crew got there. I light cues to fix, a sound board to set up, and little things on the set to finish. The sound girls had done their best without me, but they had somehow turned off the feature that tracked the gain through all of the cues. It took me a couple hours to find what button they had pushed. But I got it all working and they 2 run through went as planned.

In other news. We got a little more snow and ice… today. This time they called a 2 hour delay… and cancelled all after school activities. so, no rehearsal 3 days before we open. It will be okay. We are ready!

We all survived Valentine’s Day. Lilli went all out for her “Fancy Friend” She made a poster with candy, got him a lion and wrote little messages for him on a deck of cards. He admitted, she out did him. LOL. The video of her presenting it to him is priceless. There is plenty of “shipping” going on here, but the “ship has not sailed.” However, there is a count down to her birthday… 1 month… 11 days… and minutes counting. LOL.

… and… Grandma and Grandpa got a new puppy. I think his name is Joe. He keeps them up at night because he won’t go outside without a person.

So… that is our week… or is is weeks?

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