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Dancing Through Life and Into May

What a week!  John and I worked in the garden last Saturday.  We got the strawberry box ready to go and a boxed cleaned, rototiller, and planted lettuce, swiss chard, broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage.  We have to more boxes to go.  I really wanted to work on them today but… that didn’t happen.  It will be a few weeks now because next week John is out of town and then I have a show.  Sigh.  However, I did weed in the front yard, Lilli mowed the back yard, and Jon mowed the front yard.  There is a ton of work to do in the yard.  I hired my young friend to help me make a paver path in the front yard.  I have some ambitious plans for the back yard.  I just have a very strong desire to beautify our home and yard.  I am a little frustrated that I don’t have the energy or strength to actually put my dreams into action.


Lilli spent last Saturday working at the Dance studio in the morning.  Then she went and helped at the high school.  They were doing something to register kindergartners for next year.  She helped with a face painting booth.  She was super excited that she got to pet this cow too.

Our friend Jacob stopped by to visit.  I sure love that kid.  He is in the Navy and stationed in Washington.  I worry about him.  However, it was good to see that he is starting to heal from his experiences on deployment.  He bought himself a truck.  He lives on land now.  He has a new girl.  It is good to see him laugh, even if it is because I was tickling him.

Then we went to see Avengers.  Okay… I won’t spoil it, but I will say that the movie had Lilli sobbing for a good 30 minutes at the end.

Lilli is growing up so much.  She sure loves to dance.  Her dance classes are shrinking.  It is sad.  But she she runs around dancing whenever and wherever she can.

And…. this happened.  Now she wants to drive every time we get in the car.  I miss driving.

Yesterday I went with Lilli and her choir to the state championships.  They tied for first place.  It was a luck break.  The other choir would have had first, but their director didn’t time his set well and they went over time, resulting in a 5 point loss for them and a 1st place for the two choir.  It is pretty exciting for the 6 freshmen who are in the choir too.  Oh… and Lilli had a solo in one of the pieces.  She did a great job too.

Holland is growing up nicely.  He is interacting more with others.  Zeus the dog is very jealous of the baby.  He keeps trying to move in whenever people are on the floor.  Even Holland.  Zeus wants Holland to pet him.

McKay and her family are doing well.  Caiden is getting used to a new family life.  He and Beckett love each other.  Caiden loves to lay in the sun and will snuggle anyone who is willing.  He is learning that he likes ice cream too.  That is a good thing because this is an ice cream family.  Lenayah is a big helper.  I love to chat with these cute little faces on Facetime!

Chad is plugging along.  He is looking around for new jobs.  He still had a job, it’s just that it isn’t the best job.  Meanwhile, he is working, getting healthier, and learning to like Utah.


Hannah is doing well on her mission.  She is working hard.  She got to go to the temple recently.  She got to visit some Church history sites as well.  That’s pretty cool because I’ve always wanted to visit some of those sites.  I guess she will just get to do it for me.

John’s older brother passed away.  He went to Colorado to help his nephew sort through all the things.  He will go to Utah this coming weekend for a funeral.

Spring is definitely here.  I love to sit on my porch swing and listen to the wind chimes.  It is very soothing.  So… that is the week.  Hope your week went well.



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