Theatre Thursday

Humble Confidence


I have been thinking a lot about this quote lately.  I think it has become my motto in the past month because I am seeing so many people who feel they are “too good” to take a small part, to learn something more, or to need real rehearsal.

Dame Judi Dench is one of the most accomplished actors I have ever seen.  I love to see her work.  Her work reflects a humble, teachable, actor.  This is the kind of actor that succeeds in today’s world… an actor that sees themselves a a piece of the whole, not THE whole.

To be honest, to succeed you must remain hungry and humble-hearted. You don’t need to feed into your ego.  Avoid the stories you tell yourself.  Stories have a tendency to magnify our strengths while minimizing your weaknesses.  This inflated pride will stop progress.  It gets into your head and becomes debilitating handicap and will eventually pull you under.

The sooner we all become less impressed with ourselves and our accomplishments, the sooner we are able to learn and achieve true greatness.  The sooner we get involved with things… all things from big parts to small parts, from tech to cheering for others in their parts,  the sooner we get a whole lot better at doing what we love.

Be confidence, but stay humble.  That is how you truly succeed!

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