Family Friday

Marching into March

Well… we got our Snow Day… two of them. It wasn’t very much snow, but it was icy and by the time the roads would have cleared, it wouldn’t have been worth having school. Thus, we didn’t have school on Monday and we didn’t have school on Wednesday. I relish a good snow day because it is the opportunity for a guilt free vacation. It is the perfect opportunity to do nothing. We could use a couple days like that. However, the snow days came at a cost… we lost 2 of our 3 dress rehearsal days.

We opened Fiddler on the Roof. Okay. Lilli says she isn’t having fun… but the audience will never know because she does a fantastic job as Hodel. When she sings Far From the Home I Love, I hear a tiny hint of Hannah at age 15. Lilli is a very talented actor, singer, and dancer. I depend on her to be a leader and to bring the level of performance up. Her fancy friend, Ethan, does a great job as Fyedka too. I have a few vocal students in the cast. I am very proud of them as well. I haven’t always been a fan of Fiddler on the Roof. However, helping to direct this show has reminded me of so many gospel principles. This show has so many great lessons. I am really enjoying this show.

We cast an entire family from our ward in our show. Their oldest plays the violin. We really wanted him, not only for the violin, but because it turns out he is a great dancer… and he sings. His sister is in junior high and has a sweet voice. The triplets were a last minute choice. One of them came to the auditions and learned it all with the big kids. I liked him. But I didn’t want to leave out the other two, so I ask their mom to bring them in for Jeff to meet them. The youngest came to every rehearsal with his mom. One rehearsal I suddenly thought it would give the show a glimmer of hope if we had the Fiddler invite the little brother to “move to America” with Tevye and the family at the end of the show. You should hear the audience “ah” when we walks out on stage with his little suitcase. I love these guys!

McKay had her baby. Tatum came into the world with a little help of Pit. She is a sweet baby. Her siblings adore her. Her parents cherish her. Look at her. What’s not to love in that sweet face?

We celebrated Kimber’s birthday. Sure love that kid! I remember when she came into the world… nearly 6 weeks early… rushed off to NICU… 4 days before I really got to hold her… a squeak of a cry… a fighter… a smiler… not much of a nurser… but she survived me and my poor parenting skills. The first one always is the experiment… sorry Kimber. Now, she is a mom of 3 and is moving through life at lightening speed. Crazy how life works.

We also celebrated my friend Jeff’s birthday. He is a kind and passionate friend. He complains he is getting old… whatever. I’m still older than he is. He is such a kid most of the time as he goofs off with the kids at school. I gave him a Harry Potter snitch for his birthday and he seemed excited. He is so funny.

Hannah was transferred this week. She now works in the mission office and helps run data and such. She gets to teach some in the evenings and on weekends. She is learning good skills in leadership and organization. She is beginning to think about what happens after the mission. She wants it all. I am beginning to think that “real” life is going to be a tough adjustment for her.

One of the ways she is sharing the gospel is through making bread. She and her companions made bread for ever family in the ward on their P-day. It’s like she took the skills we taught her at home and she is passing out the “Bread of Life” to the people in her ward.

I am loving studying the Come Follow Me curriculum. I am sad that we aren’t very good about doing it as a family, but as an individual, I am loving it. I am hoping that exercising faith will help me get it going better.

So… there it is… our week. How was your week?

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