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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 100 and Day 101

Wow! Two very long days.

I am grateful for my first born. With her help I grew up. She is beautiful, sensitive, creative, passionate, a great mom, and a great cheer leader for her siblings. She came into life 5 weeks early. She is a fighter. I am grateful she is my daughter.

I am grateful for a good opening weekend. We had decent sized houses who all seem to enjoy the show. The kids did a fantastic job. A very small number of people understand how much work I put into these production. I am blessed to have the opportunity for a short period in my life. Eventually, this season will be over, until then, I am grateful for the opportunity to inspire young artists and to create such beautiful living sculptures such as Fiddler on the Roof.

I am grateful for my friend, Jeff. It was his birthday too. It has been an honor to have him as a friend. He is a kind, compassionate person. My life is richer thanks for him.

I am grateful for my husband’s support while I “art.” He holds down the household while I am in production mode… and he comes to every performance to film the show.

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