Family Friday

Christmas is Coming

It has been a fairly relaxing week of getting ready for Christmas.  It started with lots of cleaning up and laundry.  Not much is picture worthy in that.

Meanwhile, John went to Springville to visit family for the week.  He went to visit and to help his siblings with some family things.  He helped his parents do a few things in the their new living arrangements.  He helped his siblings with a couple things at the family home.  He also got to hang out with McKay and her family.

Meanwhile, at home, Lillian’s choir got to sing “back up” for an opera singer who came to do a Christmas concert in our auditorium.  It was a nice event.  It was fun to hear them sing and to hear the beautiful music shared that evening.

I also worked on Christmas cards.  My friend Sherri came and had dinner with us and gave Hannah a few pointers with her knitting.  Hannah has gone crazy after that.  She has finished at least 4 projects since Sherri came on Tuesday.


In just a few short days Christmas will be upon us… ready or not.

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