Family Friday

Snap! It’s December!

It hasn’t been that long since I posted about the family.  It has been a crazy busy week, and it won’t be the busiest week we have.

Kimber, Ray and the kids were able to find time to take in the lights.  They went down to Corvallis to see the lights and to see the Nativity show that is in one of the church buildings there.  On the way our of the church, Kimber ran into my sister-in-law’s sweet brother.  It brightened her day.  I hope it brightened his as well.

Lilli and I are constantly at school or rehearsal.  It was nice that most nights this week we were able to come home in the evening, although we did take one night to run over to Walmart for some Christmas shopping.  We also took one evening to do a little Christmas cheer.  When my big kids were little someone adopted us.  They gave me a phone call and told me to have the kids put their shoes on the front porch.  Then, just before they went to bed, little presents “appeared” in their shoes.  The next year we spread the joy to other families and we have been doing it ever since.  This little activity has become a high light in our Christmas season.  So, on St. Nicholas Day, Lilli and I set out to bring Christmas cheer to a few families, along with the gift cards and small toys, we left a letter explaining the day and our testimonies of Jesus Christ.  I was super fun to “ding-dong-ditch” these families and to watch them open their doors from down the block.  We didn’t take pictures of the event.  We didn’t want to get caught.  🙂

Meanwhile, Kimber and the kids and the dogs hold down the fort. We don’t have any Christmas decorations up yet.  We got a tree on Saturday, but it sits on the porch, in the rain, waiting to be dry enough to come in the house.  Maybe it’s waiting for us all to have time to do something about it. 

Friday and Saturday were also the Cabaret performances at the high school.  Lilli had a solo in a choir song and was the choreographer for many other songs.  My favorite dance was to Once Upon a December.  She and an other girl danced in point shoes.  She is a very graceful dancer.

This coming week is slammed with more performances in the auditorium.  I will rarely be home between concerts, rehearsal and rentals.  With work keeping me this busy, it is hard to get into the Christmas spirit.

So, that was the week.  How was your family week?

2 thoughts on “Snap! It’s December!”

  1. We got our decorations up and have been baking. We have yet to do a Christmas light walk. It’s so fun to see the neighborhood all lit up. The weather was so nice last night that we just couldn’t resist sitting around the fire pit chatting last night. 😀 Merry Christmas!


    1. That sounds awesome! It rained hard over the last couple of days… no fire pit for us. However, I must admit, that sounds like great fun. Sadly, my Christmas decorations are still in their storage boxes. Perhaps this weekend I will get them. Thank you so much for faithfully checking in on my blog. It means so much! Merry Christmas!

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