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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 19 and Day 20

It’s been some cray days.  Concerts both nights, in addition to teaching and school… and the week has only started.

Yesterday I was grateful for the heat pad in my bed.  My husband was gone and I had nothing to bounce my heat off of.

I was grateful for the scriptures I read, they brought me peace.

I was grateful for the chance to chat with my missionary.  She’s awesome and I miss her.

Today I am grateful for the gift of music.  Music is one of the languages of God.  It can cross all boundaries.

Today I was grateful that I got to talk to a co-worker who I learned today is struggling and is not active in church.  We got to talk about the gospel a little and now they know I am a believer of Christ and that I will do what I can to help them whenever I can.

Today I am grateful I made time to read the Book of Mormon.  It always lefts my soul.

What have you been grateful for over the past couple of days?

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