#bethelight – Day 244 and 245

Wow… yesterday was a long day.  I left the house at 7 am and didn’t return until 11 pm.  It was a frustrating day too.  It seemed like every little thing I did, every place I attempted to be, I just missed by seconds or minutes.  Each store took longer than I expected, even if I called and ordered things a day in advance.  Traffic was bad all day.  Errands I needed to do in a couple hours had to be finished long after I was done with work.  However, I did my best to keep smiling.  I helped the new guy learn how to mix my paint.  I loaded my own lumber with a smile even though they called someone to help me.  I smiled through all the “help” and quietly fixed what I could.  I will have to admit I shed a couple tears on the way home out of pure exhaustion.

Today will be a long day at CET.  I will be patient.  I will be grateful for the lessons that help me earn a little extra at the end of my long day.  And I will gratefully fall into bed when the day is over.

I guess my act of kindness for today will be cultivating an attitude  of gratitude.

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