Family Friday

Summer is Officially Here… CET Has Started

It is hard to believe that the end of June is here.  I am realizing more and more that we aren’t very good at taking time off and recreating.  Our “recreation” revolves around work… or so it seems.

Lilli and I spent time together working at the high school.  She wanted to learn the sound board.  She did very well.  It was a simple show, but it was a good show to learn on… plus, she got paid to do it.  She and I also spent time making cds for a guy we know.  That brings in a little extra cash as well.

I finally got a picture of the yard projects… first… the play structure is out.  Lilli and I would love to replace it with a pool.  However, I will need to save my pennies for that one.  The paver walk way turned out real nice.  I think it adds to the front yard and cleans up the look of the place.

John and Lilli did go on an adventure together.  They started up one trail back packing into the Jefferson wilderness.  However, they met other hikers who had encountered snow.  So, the turned around, went back to Detroit, and hiked into Marion Lake instead.

They came home a littler early due to the bugs eating them alive.  John improvised with bug nets.  But they were definitely ready to come home and take showers.

Meanwhile, I made models for my CET program.  You can read more about my models here.

Lill is super excited to be at CET now.  She is a Level 7 student.  Our friend Jeff is the director of her show.  She was cast at the lead.  Jeff stepped out of the discussion when it came to casting her.  His co-director made that decision.  She paid Lilli a great compliment this week.  She told me that Lilli is very professional and “freaking fantastic.”  I am proud of her for representing her family and her art in a professional manner.  That take maturity.  Hopefully, she can keep it up and get hired next summer.

Meanwhile, my first week of CET is off and running.  We started all of the shows.  They are all in various stages of completeness.  I only have one work party next week, so I needed this week to make significant progress.  I hope it was enough because I will only have one more week after that to complete most things before our first performances begin in week 4.

At least I really like the staff I have in my hall.  I have Dani, who has been with me from the beginning, and Jay and Josh , who will be seniors next year and have changed so much in the past 7 years, and Kevin, who we finally get in tech hall (love that kid), and Mason, who is new to all things tech but is a fantastic role model and worker.  I was super worried about this season because I wouldn’t have Hannah as my partner in chime and painter.  However, if Hannah needs to be gone, I am SO thankful for our newest addition to tech hall. Katie Gilmour.  She is AWESOME!  She teaches art at the school we hold the program.  She is good.  She is a team player and she organised and teaches in my kind of style.  I so lucked out.  She is making the absence of Hannah bearable.

Meanwhile, we don’t get to see the other kids much since we are running from dawn to dusk.  We talk to Chad while drive to and from CET.  He is well and is working hard at work and helping McKay.

Kimber and the Ray and the kids are enjoying the summer time.  Holland is getting so big.  He is starting to roll over now.  Kimber is feeling successful with nursing too.

McKay and Myles and the kids are doing well.  They went to Fish Lake in Utah to spend time with Myles family and to Myles’ sister’s wedding recently.  John was in Logan for work and got to see them too.  They are great little “readers.”  McKay is doing a great job of prepping them to be life long learners.

Hannah is loving serving in Willard, MO.  Her companion went home and she has a new companion now.  She gets to train this companion.  She is loving it.  I love hearing from her.  I try not to worry.  It helps when she shares things like the time she put the Elders car keys in Jello as a practical joke.  She’s still my adorable Hannah.  LOL.  So all is well in Missouri.

So that is the week.  I am grateful I was able to get others to take pictures for me.  I am grateful for the Lord’s tender mercies that helped me through a long hard week.  May your week bring joy in the learning.

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