Family Friday

Starting into November

The first week of November flew by.  Early in the week Lilli and her theatre friends went out to Pentacle Theatre to see the student performance of Lilli Shop of Horrors, starring our friend, and teacher, Jeff Witt.  She said it was okay… even if some scenes made her a little uncomfortable.


We also held auditions for Fiddler on the Roof.  We were completely surprised by the numbers of people that came to audition.  Over 30 elementary and middle school students came.  Over 55 high school students came.  So many people!  We had planned to have auditionees sing and perform monologues the first day but needed to modify it to only singing because we had time issues. The next day we had dance auditions.  The third day we had the monologues and did some cold reads.  Today we listened to a few men.  Now my friend Jeff gets to stew over it over night.  The cast list will go up over the weekend.  There are lots of nervous actors around.  I’m not exactly sure what he will do, but I am confident Fiddler will be fun show.  It open the last week of February/first of March.


Lilli is doing well in school.  She missed going to the Academic All Stars night because she had dance ( I was there because it was in the auditorium and I was there for support and to lock up the place when it was done).  Her grades are awesome for this first 9 weeks of school.  I am supper proud of her.  This picture is of her English group.  They used this picture in their English project.  She also performed in the school talent show.  She is on the Thespian board and they were the club in charge of the talent show this year.  I loved her dance.



Holland is getting big.  It is fun to have him here.  He is almost walking.  He is in love with his mom.  He loves to laugh at his dad.  He is speedy and likes to unload all the stuff off of the shelves.

This week Holland, Freya and Kimber went to the library for story time.  It looks like they had fun!

Ben got his 1st grade pictures.  He is one handsome kid.  He is learning to do chores well.  His main motivation is Papa’s iPad.  Papa gets him to get dressed before games, unload the dish washer, ties shoes, and more, just for game time with the iPad or iPhone.


McKay posted this picture of Caiden this week.  It is so awesome to see him feeling more and more at home with his family.  He is eve beginning to enjoy books – a family pass time.  McKay and Myles also stopped to see my best-sister-friend Jo when the hit Salt Lake this week.  Jo was at a medical center all week with Taps, her husband.  These two inspiring people are family.  I love them with all my heart and I am so grateful that the fasting and prayer has helped.  There have been many great miracles for my Tapasa family.  I will keep praying that they will continue.

Hannah is having lots of fun on her mission.  She loves to ride bikes.  Her companion and and she are lucky.  They haven’t had to bike in truly awful weather.  That weather seems to be saved for the Elders in their area.  LOL.

She has fun with goofy toys of people she has met and has plenty of food.

I think my favorite thing she has reported this year is that she and her companion went along a parade route asking people what they were grateful for and taking pictures.  She started a gratitude campaign on Facebook.  Today is my last day of 365 days of kindness.  Her little efforts has got me thinking that I need to start something new now…. 365 days of gratitude.


So… that’s my week… well… at least all the stuff I’d want to write about ans save for posterity.  There were a couple rough, long days, but who wants to remember those?

Hope your week has been awesome!

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