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And Our Missionary is Off

It’s been a couple of weeks since I reported on the family comings and goings.  We have been busy!  We closed The Bully Plays.  It was a class project.  It was super fun for me have Lilli in this class.  You can read more about how this production went here.


Lili has been in a stage makeup class at school.  She learned how to make fake bruises and was assigned to make the bruises for an actress in The Bully Plays.  I think she did a fantastic job!


Being a part of the drama and music at school has helped her to make some good friends at the high school.  Most of them are so much older than she is.  She will be sad to see some of the graduate.  Thankfully, there are a few of her friends that will be around for a couple more years.


On weekends we get to play with some of the grand kids.  I gave John Nerf guns for Christmas.  Ben and Freya love to play with them with Ray and John.  They are all a little silly.  We celebrated Hannah’s birthday and Freya was all about helping Papa make brownies for our brownie and vanilla ice cream treat.


Kimber is coming to an end of her pregnancy.  In just a few weeks we will all get to meet Holland.  She had to step back at dance and stop teaching for a little while.  Her body is too busy baking a baby.  🙂


Chad went to Michigan to see an investigator get baptized and he got to see some of the friends he made throughout his mission.  It was a great opportunity.  He seems to be settling into his new life in Logan, Utah.  He gets to spend time with McKay, Myles, and the kids and he gets to hang out with Lanae.  All good times!  He works at a chiropractor office making x-rays digital and he got a job at care home for people with disabilities.  He is looking for other jobs as well.  It will be a year before he starts college again.  He needs to earn some money and gain residency in Utah so that he can afford college.


I started clear braces.  It seems that my teeth are shifting and are more crooked than they used to be.  This is causing problems with my bite and causing my teeth and fillings to crack.  I have to say… my face is sore.  I am sorry kids for all the times I told you to buck up.  Braces are not all they are cracked up to be.


My Grandma White died.  You can read my thoughts about this on my last post on Family Friday here.  I made a quick trip to Bend to hang out with my parents and my sisters.  It was good to reminisce and to remember.


Meanwhile, at home, Hannah got out of her sick bed and ran the Cabaret Concert I ditched.  I did a sound check with her over the phone as I sped down the road to my parents.  The next day John covered my first set build for Lion King JR.  I had him begin to convert the Addams Family rolling stair cases into “Pride Rock.”  It is a start.  I am excited to see how it all turns out!  It was hard on everyone to pick up being “me” for 15 hours, but it all worked out.


Meanwhile, Hannah was trying to get ready for her mission.  She has been super sick since getting a required flu shot.  It’s not good that she had to enter the MTC sick.  She was scheduled to give a talk and to sing in church last Sunday.  She was able to give her talk but had to ditch the singing.  Lilli spoke in church too.  They both did a great job.  Joel came to church with us and listened to Hannah’s talk too.  Freya would hide her face every time she squeezed past him.  It was hard to be serious in church when Freya is doing funny things.


Lilli has been very sad about Hannah leaving.  She isn’t a fan of being the only kid at home.  Hannah and Lilli spent a ton of time together.  Lilli was trying to soak in as much Hannah time as possible.  Then the big day came.


It was time to take Hannah to the airport.  We got up early and headed to Kimber’s to say good-bye.  Imagine my panic with I was stopped by flashing lights!  I was driving John’s car and he had a light out!  Gah!  At least I got away with a warning.  Next, we stopped at Jamba Juice for breakfast.  Hannah’s former boss was super excited to get to say good-bye.  Then, we headed to Portland and the airport.


It was raining very hard and kind of hard to see. Lilli was very somber.


Then came the tears… more water than the pouring rain.


And like that… Hannah flew away to serve in the Bentonville, Arkansas Mission for the next 18 months.  Pour Lilli.  She has been emotional for days.


McKay picked Hannah up at the Slat Lake airport.  They spent the day together.  They got to go to the temple and do some work for some family names.  Then, Wednesday morning they drove to Provo.  They met Grandma and Grandpa Boyack at a Denny’s for breakfast.  John’s sisters, Lisa and MaryJane, and two cousins, David and Ethan also met them their.  Lanae came too.  There was one final phone call home…


… and they dropped her off at the MTC.  Here “host” companion is from Canada.  Hannah will spend 3 weeks at the MTC and then head to Arkansas to serve.


Yesterday I took Lilli to get a consultation for braces… the next thing we know, it’s three hours later and…


Lilli has braces.  It wasn’t at all like the last kids to get braces.  Those guys had several appointments before the braces thing happened.  Things are progressing, I guess.

This next coming week is shaping into a busy, nutty week.  We will have school, rehearsals, our first e-mail form Hannah, and Regional Thespian Competition for Lilli.  Seriously.  There is never a boring moment around here.

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  1. We had the same flu shot experience with our missionary Peter – he left in Jan. for Kentucky-Louisville. He spent 2 weeks battling the after effects in the MTC. Hope Hannah fairs better…


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