Family Friday

Many A New Day

This week seems like the beginning of many new experiences.  It is a little unnerving to wait with no idea (ok a little idea) of what the future might bring.

First new experience – Lillian got what I call “big girl hair.”  She got high lights and a trim.  What did we get?  A beautiful BIG GIRL!

It’s not that she wasn’t beautiful before.  She, most definitely, has always been beautiful.  It’s that she looks like a young lady now.  The little girl is gone (except for those moments she wants to curl up on my lap).  That brings me to my next new experience- registering Lillian for her freshmen year of high school.


Good bye childhood, hello full on teens!

Second new experience – Register my last kid for the first time for high school.  Lilli and I showed up 40 minutes early to registration.  We had heard that the first day of registration (for juniors and seniors) was a bit rough.  I needed to teach latter in the day and couldn’t be there for a long period of time.  We actually breezed on through.  We both got school I.D.s.  We paid all her school fees (school is expensive these days). We picked up her schedule.  She will have a great first semester of high school.  Nearly all of her classes will be fun!  She has Algebra 1, 2 choirs, Honors English, physical science, production (doing the Bully Plays), and stage makeup.  She is a little concerned with starting high school.  But she will be great at adapting!

The next new experience – Hannah started a new job.  This week Hannah started working at Jamba Juice.  I’d go see her every day, but I am too lazy to drive 20 minutes to get the delicious juice.


I also go “big girl hair”.  I cut 7 inches off my hair.  I will now start the school year with a new look.


I also took on the room in the garage.  Stand back!

I has taken me 2 full days just to clean stuff out and to sort it.  Now the family room looks like a bomb went off.  LOL.  It will be next week before I complete the project.  The goal is to clean it out and to clean out all the extra stuff in my son’s room too.  He will need it in December and I won’t have to time to clean things out then.  While I am at it, I am making plans to change his room into an office.  That will be awhile.

Now we are gearing up for all the extra people coming to our town for the eclipse.  We are in the totality zone.  The college I live next to has rented out camping spaces in the field across from my house.  They are beginning to gather.  Soon, 300 camp spaces will be filled.  Camp spaces have also been rented at the football stadium parking lot.  They have filled all of the dorms as well.  My road will be busy!  It’s all a little crazy.  But I will report on that next week.


2 thoughts on “Many A New Day”

  1. I full on belly-laughed to see the garage room… you! May you make wonder out things from the bounty! Did I mention that students have been bringing me new skeins of yarn as part of some supply list they found somewhere…NOT from me….lol!


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