Family Friday

Another in the Books


Lilli was sick for most of the week.  Thus, very little happened for her that didn’t include her bed.  She tried school on Wednesday.  However, she went home at lunch time because she was still not doing well.  You can tell from the picture I snapped, just before lunch, that she was not “feelin’ it” that day.


John was gone most of the week.  Work has kept him busy.  Then he has choir on Tuesday nights, and Elder’s Quorum meetings on Wednesday.  Thursday he drove to Utah for his brother’s funeral.  He won’t be back until late on Monday.  I think I saw him for a total of 30 minutes for the whole week.  No lie.  I’m usually asleep before he gets home.  He is usually in the shower when I get up and head off for a morning walk.



Kimber and her kids are doing well.  I always steal my pictures of them off of Facebook.  This week she posted pictures that were taken just after Holland was born.  He isn’t even 2 months old yet and he has changed so much!  Ben is excited for the end of school that is coming up.  Freya is excited for Ben to be home.  Holland is growing.  Their little family seems so happy right now.



McKay and her little family are doing well too.  Again… I steal pictures from Facebook.  McKay didn’t post pictures of Kaiden this week.  From what I can tell, they are all getting into the routines of life, are tired, in a good way, and reasonably happy.

I don’t have pictures of Chad.  He doesn’t post any.  But I talk to him all the time.  He is doing well.  He is attempting to find a better job.  He has a good prospect and could use some prayers.  A better job would really be good for him.



Hannah is doing well on her mission.  She served for several weeks in her first area and has now moved to a new area.  We don’t have many details on that just yet.  She get 40 minutes to talk to her on Sunday.  Maybe we will get some details then.  She is experiencing all kinds of new things… like touching her first lizard.  You can see how comical that must have been from the pictures.  She will miss her last area.  She made many great friends there.

So… there was the week.  How did your family fair this week?

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