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Another Opening, Another show


The best way to describe the past week with the Boyack family this week is a mad dash to opening night of Lion King, Jr. at Central High school.  From finishing touches, to long rehearsals, to opening night and sell out houses, it has been a full week.

First, the beginning of the week included preview performances for 3rd, 4th, and 6th graders attending schools within our district.  We only did 4 scene/big musical numbers.  In between each scene/musical number I went out on the stage and “educated” the crowd.  I talked about audience behavior, the literary elements of plot, antagonist, protagonist, comedy, etc., how we put together the show, and of course, times, dates, and prices.  The hope was the experience would get more people in the door with the ticket price, and inspire future thespians.

I think it worked.  we have had huge crowds.  Look at this sea of white.  Those are all of the reserved seats for the Saturday afternoon show.  All but 36 seats were eventually sold.  It is amazing.  I don’t think any show at Central High School has ever sold that many tickets. I’m beginning to think this week we may actually sell out!  Maybe more than once!  That would be cool.


Lilli is playing Nala.  She is doing a great job.  I am super proud of her.

And she is a beast!  She turned her ankle running off stage.  She just kept doing the performance.  Then she had a couple very hard landings after a couple of lifts and jumps.  Her ankle got worse.  After the show I took her to the ER to confirm that nothing was broken.  All good.  But we did leave the ER with crutches and a wrap and instructions  to lay low.  The next day I took her to Dr. Marc twice for his laser and his k-tape and his expertise in feet.  She was able to do all her shows, with a little modification blocking.

I love that she is having fun. (I am too!  I love what I do!) It is fun to see her hit the stage.  I sure Hannah could see her little sister follow in her footsteps.  Same with McKay and Chad.  They are missing out.

In school, I am having fun with the World Theater class.  We have now finished a Greek Theatre Unit.  The students made masks and did a piece from The Frogs as a reader’s theatre.  At least 1/2 of the kids speak English as their second language.  The theater thing is something very new to them.  However, they did great!  I am so proud of them.  Lilli is in the class too!  Sadly, she could help me start my African dance unit because her foot is hurt.  So yup.  I am teaching dance.  LOL.  But I have to say.  It is going well.  Pictures next week.


We celebrated Kimber’s birthday.  I sure love her.  She is a great mom.  Her birthday present to herself was to not have her baby on her birthday.  LOL.  Actually, she has still not had the little guy.  Maybe this week… may be the next week.  She was able to come see Lilli in the play and to enjoy all the hard work we have put into the production.  Ben and Freya liked it.  They like to climb all over the stage and set after they see one of my shows.  This show was more their speed.  However, Ben did take note that the play is not like a movie.

Conversations with Lenayah are a hoot!  She carries us around on Facetime, often turning off the sound, and “reads”, takes us to her room, and tells us all about her life.  She is a funny one.  One day she made a picnic for herself and her baby brother for dinner.  Every morning she gets up and entertains her brother so that her mom can get a few more minutes of sleep.  McKay and Myles will be going this week to meet Caiden, the little boy they are adopting.  He will be coming home to their house later in the month.  They also did a big book drive to help the facility that has been caring for their new son.  Many people from all over donated.  People are amazing.  So many people stepped up to help… even people they don’t know.

Chad is a good boy and calls me every couple of days.  He is doing well.  He seems to like his job.  His car needs some help.  The heater doesn’t work, which makes it hard to drive in Utah weather.  However, it is transportation.  He helps out McKay and Myles here and there too.


Hannah is reporting good things from her mission experience.  Her mission car is a truck.  LOL She hates trucks. Her area is HUGE and her ward is small.  She is helping with Primary music on Sundays and loves that.  She is feeling pretty good about that.  She isn’t very excited about knocking on doors for hours on end, but she is loving serving.


So… that is my week.  We now have 3 days of normal days.  We will finish off the week with the last 5 performances of Lion King.  Now, to rest a bit before the next crazy week.

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