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Slow Progress is Still Progress

Eight month ago I started a new journey in health.  I had mustered all the courage I had left and visited with my doctor.  He gave me a book that changed my look at health and well being… The End of Dieting by Joel Fuhrman, M.D. (click here to get this book for yourself off of Amazon).

I started reading that very day. 270 days later I am still learning and still working at taking control of my health.  I have nearly eliminated animal products from me diet. (I still will eat an egg once or twice a week).  I eat veggies, veggies, and more, veggies.  I am working on eliminating processed food.  There are busy days where I just don’t have time to deal with food prep and Morningstar veggie burgers are my “go-to” meal.

Still, I see a little progress… sort of.  My brain still is not wrapping around the idea that the scale is down.  At first the scale said I was losing weight very rapidly.  For the past month it says it has been a slow loss… but a loss over the holidays is saying something!  100# down is just around the corner.  How crazy is that?!

What have I learned?  Diets fail.  Lifestyles succeed.  Counting calories doesn’t work.  Making calories count does work.  I learned that I deserved better… better information… better food… better health.  Every bite I eat I learn more.  I am changing.  My tastes in food are changing.  I feel better.

Here is what I ate this week:

Monday I had sauted mushrooms, onions, and spinach.  I used a copper coated pan so I don’t need oil.  I had one egg on Monday with my veggies.  For lunch I had a large salad topped with spiced garbanzo beans.  For dinner I had a bowl of Italian White Bean and Cabbage Soup.  Click here for the recipe.

Tuesday I had a green smoothie with berries, spinach, pineapple, almond milk and chai tea.  For lunch I had salad with the last of my spiced garbanzo beans.  For dinner I had Cabbage Soup.   Click here for the recipe.

Wednesday I had mushroom, onion, spinach and tofu scramble.  For lunch we went to Olive Garden because my son came home from his mission.  I choose the salad with no cheese and a bowl of Minestrone.  I did go a little crazy and had bread sticks and zucchini bites.  I paid for it later.  My tummy was not happy.  Won’t be doing that again.  Lesson learned.  For dinner I had more Cabbage soup.  Click here for the recipe.

I had planned on baked potatoes for Wednesday night, but no one ate them,  So, Thursday morning I grated one up and made a hash brown in my non-slick pan. for breakfast.  For lunch I had a salad.  For dinner I had Penne with Blistered Tomatoes and Olives.  Click here for the recipe.

Friday I started the day with a green smoothie that had an apple, spinach, mixed frozen berries and chai tea.  For lunch I had Italian White Bean Soup.  Click here for the recipe.  For dinner I had African Peanut Stew with rice.  Click here for the recipe.

Saturday I had African Peanut Stew leftovers for breakfast.  I ate a salad for lunch.  And for Dinner I made an Eggplant Tofu Curry.  I am still “tweaking” the recipe.  I turned out very spicy.  I will have to post the recipe after I have perfected it.

Sunday I had a strawberry smoothie with chai tea for breakfast.  The family is wanting more “traditional” food.  I made them Mac and Cheese in the crock pot.  I have decided to call it “Heart Attack Mac”.  LOL.  They loved it.  I made “Mac and Cheese” for myself at lunch too, only mine had no dairy, just sweet potatoes.  So YUMMY!  Click here for the recipe.  I made the family “Breakfast for Dinner” of snowman pancakes, sausage, eggnog, etc.  I made myself grits covered with sauteed mushrooms and spinach topped with and egg.

I am still plugging away at finding my better health.  It is hardest when I need to make more than one meal since everyone in the family isn’t really on board with this whole idea.  It is hard on days that my family wants to make “treats” and my house smells of pumpkin bread, cranberry orange bread and sugar cookie.  When I feel bad about need partaking in all the yummy smells I look at that sugar cookie and say to myself, “thanks for choosing health Wendy.  Thanks for leaving inflammation on the counter.”  LOL.  I know it’s dumb… but I don’t eat it.

One more week of school and crazy activities at work.  I didn’t prep as well as I should have.  I hope I make it!

4 thoughts on “Slow Progress is Still Progress”

  1. so inspirational! Love it. I am not sure yet how to be eating better when I am on the road all y
    the time. I have been really bad since my face was messed up and I am in a period where I just don’t care anymore. You make me care. Thanks.


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