Family Friday

Survived the Third Week of October

It’s been a good week.  The week started with a work day… and night.  We started the process of painting rocks… lots and lots of rocks.  We also painted the trim.  Joy and Julie finished the backdrop and moved on to helping get the rocks done.  Jeff and I added finishing touches, like flowers, wall art, and extra props.  I worked on getting the light done and taught a the student sound girl how to run the board.  She is the best sound student I have ever had.  I am grateful.  I worked on getting all the special effects to work too.  The tech for this show is coming together.  In fact, tech day was short and efficient.  We started late and end early.  It went that well.  Even the kids were impressed.  They should mostly be impressed with themselves.  It went smoothly because they were respectful, helpful, and came with great attitudes.  This is a great cast and crew!

Lilli and I spent every day, after school, in rehearsals.  This show is doing super well.  This group of kids works hard and has become each others greatest champions.  It is so awesome to see them cheer each other on and support each other through rough days.

My dad came with his cool motor.  It works!  The red part in the picture is a piece he created many years ago using a rototiller part to help haul fire hoses to the top of the tower.  He turned it on it’s side, added motorcycle shocks, and a hole hog to drive a tire and I got a cool machine to now drives the turntable.  It is so cool.  My dad has come several times to make minor adjustments and to make sure it is working well.  He even came to watch rehearsal to watch it in action and to train the crew member that runs it.  My mom said he even bought a new shirt for the occasion.  He also got on a ladder to help me hang a strobe light, since I can’t get my electrics to the ground.  To read more about how I built this set, check out this blog post.

Last Sunday I was craving cinnamon rolls.  Problem.  I have sworn off sugar.  But I found a way using sugar free apple butter as a filling.  I made traditional cinnamon rolls for the family.


During the week I started a unit on telling a story through dance and movement in World Theatre.  I started with making poi balls.  This coming week I will teach them to dance with the poi balls, and hopefully, a haka.  Wish me luck.

Kimber, Beckett, and Chad have fun playing on Facebook with some program that adds funny things to the pictures.  It sure keeps them entertained.

Beckett loves to chat with us on Facetime, however, he gets very sad when he can’t see us because he pushed a button.  John snapped this gem, this week.  Lenayah and McKay ended up matching this week and sent me a picture.  The Maxey family had some major announcements this week.  First, the adoption of Kaiden is final!  He is officially a part of their family.  They also announced the arrival of a new sister!  The baby is due to join them in March!  Exciting news indeed.

Here at our house, Charlie got a hair cut and wash at a local dog grooming place.  Holland is working on more teeth.  Freya plays and goes to preschool twice a week.  Ben goes to school each day and has joined Tiger Cub Scouts.  This week he is selling popcorn for scouts.

So that was the week.  We didn’t get pictures form Hannah this week.  But we do know that she is doing well.  This week I read the Primary program script.  My favorite line from the script was a quote from a kid.  “I know I am a child of God and so my needs are great.  He helps me understand my brothers and sisters.”  It kills me.  Kids say the funniest things.

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