Family Friday

Family Report

It’s been a busy, yet successful week. Lilli and I may have finished the play and the wild schedule that comes with rehearsing and performing in a production, but I started into concert and event mode. I had 8th grade forecasting meetings, a district choir concert, Academic All Stars, and the Democratic Party of Oregon in my theatre this week. Yup I was busy.

Lilli’s Main Street and Symphonic Choirs performed in the district concert. They performed their competition pieces for the first time. It’s still a little rough, but they are making progress and I am excited to see how they polish these pieces up. This is a very pretty set. They also sang with all the elementary school choirs and the middle school choirs. Over 300 kids on the risers. That was pretty impressive.

Lilli has been keeping up well with school and with seminary. It is still a struggle to get going in the morning. Let’s just say… it takes a while to get a happy face in the morning. LOL..

Other things Lilli and I are doing with school… the production class is working School House Rock Jr. The goal is to take it to the elementary school to perform and to help encourage learning, as well as, performing in the evenings in May. This is the first time we are trying a student choreographer… and Lilli is it. She is doing a great job. Her first dance is super fun. The other kids even commented on it this week… that they like the dance. It stresses her out a little, but she is learning good things. Lilli is going well in all of her classes, even if they and her perfectionism , stress her out some. At least she has some classes – choir, drama, and even church lunch – that puts her in a good mood and helps her face the next thing in the day. Meanwhile, I help in the intro to theatre class and the stage make up class. Lilli’s friend Ethan is in the stage make up class. He’s a good sport. This week we learned how to make a face look thinner or more stout.

This week was Holland’s first birthday. He is such a big boy now… and BUSY!. I makes a B-line for my bedroom if the door is left open. He likes to take apart things and to drag around my belongings and laundry. I can’t find anything when he gets turned loose in my room. He also love the bathroom, outside, and Lilli’s room. He knows the word “no.” It might just be that we all say “no” to him on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, Tatum is getting big… slowly. She reminds me a little, of how Hannah was at the beginning. AND… she is a dead ringer for McKay. It’s spooky. Even McKay will admit that this baby looks an awful like like her. Hard to believe she is almost a month old now. Crazy.

This week I found some time hang out with McKay and the blondies. While I was visiting, we thought the dog got out. We called for him in the house, but didn’t see him. Since he had just discovered how to escape the yard, McKay was very worried he was running around the neighborhood. I stayed at the house and watched the kids play in the front yard (the only yard with some grass and no mud) while McKay drove around looking for the dog. Then, Lenayah rang the doorbell. The dog barked. He had been hiding in the house the whole time! LOL. At least we had some good time watching the trucks outside in the sunshine.

The little people at my house are ready for Spring Break. Freya loves school. Ben, not so much. But they both love when Papa comes homes.

I took Lilli, Ethan and Jocie to see Newsies at North Salem High School. I had a hard time hearing, but their set was cool and the dancing was awesome. I like when we have time to check out what other schools are doing. It would be cool if we could do it more often, but most schools are on the same performance schedule.

I also took people to the coast and the Aquarium. I invited Kimber’s family too, but they had the Pinewood Derby to go to. John decided to stay home too, to help John Hatch. It was Kaiden, Beckett, and Tatum’s first time to the ocean. I think they all liked it. I ended up buying a family pass, so we will go again a couple more times in the next 12 months. I walked into the ocean with Lenayah and Beckett. Lenayah liked it and was sad we stopped. Beckett wasn’t too sure. Kaiden sat on the beach and laughed. It will be fun to go again when it is warm and they can play more.

After the aquarium and the beach we went to Mo’s for dinner. They look at you funny when you walk into a place like that and say you are allergic to shell fish. But, we confirmed Lilli is allergic to shell fish. She tried clam chowder and her lips and tongue felt funny. Her face burned and she is still itchy. We had to stop and get Benadryl. Then she was as silly as Hannah when she got her wisdom teeth out. LOL.

I wanted to watch the sunset at the beach so we stopped for a few minutes. It would be fun to have a house at the beach… but that isn’t going to happen. Dreams people dreams. Pictures like these fuel happy dreams like these.

How was your week?

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