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Developing an Attitude of Gratitude – Day 111, Day 112 and Day 113

More late nights with work and parenting.

I am grateful I got some time seeing a play with Lilli and her friends. It’s good to support other artists. Plus, it helps develop a greater appreciation for my own artistic experiences. But mostly, I am grateful that she thinks I’m cool enough to hang out with and isn’t embarrassed to have me around her friends.

I am grateful for a “day vacation” and the opportunity to take McKay and Myles an their family, and Lilli and Ethan to the aquarium and the beach. It was good to break away from life for a little bit and to just enjoy their company.

Today I am grateful for church and for the people who bore testimony in class. I am also grateful that I could concentrate while I worked today and read my scriptures while I sat and babysat the sound board for the Democratic Party event that was held in the auditorium I manage. If I had to work on a Sunday, at least I cold work out having a bit of a Sabbath heart.

I am also glad that Lilli got to go to a Stake fireside this evening and that it was just what she needed. It was refreshing to hear her so excited about what she heard and learned.

And… I am grateful for an early bed time. Tonight I will have one. It’s a good thing.

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