Family Friday

Approaching Spring

Spring is here!  My little flowers are beginning to peak their little heads out.  But the craziest thing happened!  Today it snowed! What the heck!  Its two days into spring.  I’m ready to play in the garden.  I am also looking forward to my roses blooming.

This week I mustered up a little energy and went back to work.  My friend got the illness that  I fought with the week before.  I really continued to fight it clear through Thursday of this week.  However, My friend, a choir teacher got it bad and couldn’t really talk.  He had a choir concert planned for this week  so I got out of my sick bed and went to sub for him because we both knew is choirs rehearse.  He was able to direct the choirs for the concert but I covered all of his classes.  I should have a nice little check to help with vacation expenses… or birthdays that are in April… at any rate, it will be helpful.

Lilli sang  the choir.  She got a solo in one of the songs.  It was a solo her sister Hannah sang when the choir sang it when she was in school.  It was fun to hear Lilli sing and to hear just a hint of Hannah in her voice.

Just before leaving for the concert we had a surprise visitor.  Sai came to visit and to introduce us to her boyfriend.  Auntie approved.  He seems like a real nice guy.  Plus it was fun to take a selfie and send it my sista Jo, and later, to send it to Hannah.

Meanwhile, Holland is now just over a week old.  He is so cute!  His siblings seem to  be enjoying him.  He loves to nurse and he is growing and he even lets his mom sleep a bit.

Also, McKay and Myles and their funny kids got to go to Oklahoma to meet Caiden in person.  By all accounts, the visit went well.  They learned a ton about how Caiden’s care works.  The kids got to meet and get used to each other.  Caiden seems most smitten with Myles.  And why not?  Myles is pretty awesome and I’d say he’s a great dad. McKay is a great mom too.  Things will be challenging from here on out, bu these two super hero parents can handle it!


Hannah keeps loving her missionary service in Arkansas.  the skies are beautiful.  The people she meets are interesting.  The work is good too.  Man, I miss this kid!

I don’t have any pictures of Chad.  He is doing well with his job and working his way through “adulting.”  We are excited to visit him and McKay and her family next week!

John is slugging through work.  I worry about him some.  He seems rather stressed.  Maybe visiting family will help.

So that is the week.

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