Family Friday

Yet Another Week Gets Away From Me

What a week! John was gone the whole week in San Diego for business. It looks like he some some cool things when he wasn’t in the office. Funny thing, we had better weather here than he had in San Diego.

Lilli and I stayed busy with concerts and school. On Monday I worked a concert for the middle school choir. On Tuesday there was the high school choir spring concert. On Wednesday was the middle school band concert and on Thursday was the high school band concert.

I tried to help advertise the concerts and took some pictures of their rehearsal. I didn’t post a few of them because my friend Jeff is so silly. Then again, it might have help get people to the concert. Maybe next time.

This concert was the first time the choir sang their competition pieces in public. They are still a little rough. They have two weeks before districts. It will be helpful for them to rehearse this coming week on their choir tour to the Seattle area. They were going to go to Canada, but things didn’t work out, so they are only going to Seattle for the last couple days of Spring Break. At least they will be stopping by a couple colleges for some tips from a few college professors. I really like this set of music. I am hoping they do very well this year.

Tatum is growing little by little. Her tummy isn’t co-operating with her very well and is often fussy. But this week she discovered her thumb. It helped to sooth her for a few minutes.

On Friday we began out Spring Break. I celebrated by getting a Chinese massage and going to the orthodontist. We wrapped up the day a movie party with Ethan and John coming home from his business trip. Meanwhile, Kimber and Ray went to the coast for their anniversary while their kids went to Yvonne’s house. They were going to go whale watching, but the swells were too big and the boat captain took them back to the dock. However, they did seem to have a good time cruising the coast and taking pictures.

Saturday, Yvonne met them on the coast and they played in the sand. It turns out that McKay and Myles went to the coast too. They went north to Tillamook and checked out the new exhibits at the Tillamook Cheese Factory with Myles’ mom, who is visiting for a week.

Back in the valley, Lilli, John and I worked in the yard. We trimmed trees, mowed the lawn, pulled weeds, and racked leaves. It’s a start. We have too much yet to do. I am hoping to get new bark dust spread in the front yard and hogs fuel spread in the back around the garden before the end of Spring Break. We will see how I do. I’d really like to be able to keep up with my house and yard better. Also, with everyone gone, we cleaned up the house really good, including mopping. I know. stand back.

Kimber, Ray and the kids got home before we were done and Holland wanted to help.

Today we went to McKay and Myles’ house for the blessing of Tatum and Kaiden. My dad came across the mountain to join us. After the blessing we all ate… okay… over ate. Let’s be real.

Lilli was also a model for me as I tried to teach Janey about how to do some eye makeup she wants to do for her play at her church. I taught her how to take out an eyebrow with some glue and the makeup and how to make the shape she was hoping for. It didn’t turn out like it should because I only have old crap makeup at home.

I also taught her how to make bread this afternoon. We have been studying about “leavening ” (the parable of leavening) and in this coming week we will be talking about the Bread of Life in family scripture study. I thought it would be a good activity to help discuss what leavening is and how it works and what it does in bread. Her bread turned out real good too! It did the trick. It was fun to talk about spiritual stuff while learning a practical skill.

Meanwhile, Chad drove across country from Utah to Michigan. He is a groomsman for someone he met while serving in Michigan. I chatted with him off and on as he traveled, but I haven’t hard from him since he got there. Hope he is having fun. And, Hannah is serving in her mission home. She like that. She had a couple companions too.

So that is the basics of what is happening around here. How is life in your neck of the woods?

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