Family Friday

Week 1 of Our Missionary’s Service Down

What a week!  Here is what you missed.

I missed Lilli going to SnoBall… I was working.

She went with her friend Zoe…  A girl in her choir came over with her sister to help Lilli get ready.

I don’t think she liked the makeup.  But she went with it!

I think they were pretty cute!  After they were ready, dad took them to get Fro-Yo and then to the dance.  He also had to run back with different shoes.  For whatever reason, ASBEC decided the dance should be in the new gym… no heals allowed.

They are super cute!


I had to miss Regional Conference on Sunday too.  I was bummed!  It is rare that I work on a Sunday.  That was a busy weekend.  Here is why:  I had a rental at school.

The Salem Concert Band teamed up with Rainbow Dance Company for some weird piece based on a super weird painting.  It was very creative.  They brought in a professional TD.  It was sort of fun.  They had cool toys.  The TD was cool and taught me all about the LED smart lights they had, this super awesome black light that shot from the middle of house, an update for my light board, and even gave me tips on the Styrofoam for my sets.  They taught me how to make fiber optic whips so I can have fire flies for Lion King too.

The creative directors of the dance company were so cool!  They invited Lillian back stage after the show and encouraged her in dance.  They even invited her to come up to the collage and audit a class or too once she turns 16.

These are moves from their show.  Lilli was pretty excited about that.  The dancers were cool too.  They gave her tips and were very encouraging.  I think it made Lilli’s day.  You can read more about their dance company here.

The rest of the week I helped at school, taught lessons and went to Lion King Jr rehearsal.

Lion King opens in 24 days.  Gah!  So much to do!  There was no school on Thursday and Friday so I worked on the set with a group of kids all day.  We made a structure for levels, covered all of the structures with Styrofoam, added Styrofoam for rocks,  Eventually, we started to cover the Styrofoam with cheese cloth and a glue mixture.  I am excited to paint it in the next coming weeks.

We also made a cage for ZaZu.  Still needs a little carving and some paint, but I am sure it’s going to look great on stage!

set build for Lion King 1

Lilli wrapped her first semester in high school.  By all accounts she has straight As!  Not bad for a girl who kept up in classes, participated in to productions, went to dance classes, held down a job and attended seminary.  She is also feeling pretty successful about her mouse trap car for her science class.  Her car broke all the records for the year.  Way to go Lilli and John who helped her.

Meanwhile, Hannah has spent her first week in the MTC.  I think she is enjoying her experience.  S is known ‘fantastic” girl because it is always her answer to “how you doing?”  There are 6 elders and 6 sisters in her districts. She likes them all.  She does think it’s weird to share a room.  She doesn’t remember when she’s had to do that in her life.  It’s a learning curve.  Her companion is Sister Sidwell, from Idaho, who will be going to Wisconsin.
She is learning tons.  She is getting over her flu.  She is eating veggies and salads… enough that others have noticed.  She is super busy.  One of her favorite things is singing in a missionary choir.  She goes to classes, meals, exercise, workshops, devotionals, and lessons.  She is practicing being a missionary.  Although she loves what she is experiencing in the MTC, she can’t wait to get out in the mission field.
Her testimony of the Savior is growing.  Her conversion to the gospel is deepening.  Her grateful heart is growing.

Hannah's first week in the MTC

Well… that is our week.  It’s been a good one.

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