Family Friday

Wrapping up the Week by Wrapping up the Play

Well… this week we wrapped up the production of Fiddler on the Roof. Lilli was a trouper. Not only did she perform on stage, she helped me with multiple old age makeup recipients while I got 12-15 young men into fake beards. I am grateful she is a willing helper. AND that she is skilled and talented. I would not have been able to do all of it on my own. Jeff was pretty busy doing other things and didn’t come in to help often. There were a few parents that helped here and there. Mostly, I whipped through them. Meanwhile, Lilli’s friends would sit and wait for her… and sometimes wait on her. LOL.

Fiddler turned out well. Most people will never know the amount of work I put into the show from set and lighting design to countless hours of blocking and fine tuning rehearsals. I will write a blog soon about the experience. I truly loved the messages of the show. I think I got more from it than most because I love the roots of the culture and understand the deep conflicts of the soul represented in the story.

The kids were fairly weepy at the end of the run. Me? I am relieved to move on to something new. I love solving the next problem. However, I will admit I am getting tired. It is nearing a time when I really should rethink what I am doing with my life.

Lilli won’t claim that she enjoyed the experience. She will say that she hated being in the show… even with her “fancy” friend in the wings watching and helping her get into character (and performing well himself), and there helping her smile before and after the show. She had a couple of other good friends involved in the show too. However, I can’t say she is particularly close to most kids. Trust is an issue she is still working on. Despite her talents, theatre is not her thing. I am beginning to come to terms that it isn’t the “thing” for any of my kids. Sad. I really wanted one of them to love it as much as I do. Oh well. It was glad while it lasted. Now Lilli is super excited to have nothing after school… well, she does have dance on Monday and Thursday evenings and she teaches one class on Saturdays after her own tap class. She is now happy to lay around and watch YouTube or Netflix. LOL. Okay… and she is happy to concentrate on getting better at dance. She is most excited about a new private lesson I am working hard to afford for her. I found ways to pay for the interests of her older siblings… mostly trading. Now I make pennies on the hours I work to pay for some fairly expensive classes. Trading is a thing of the past. I hope this hard work is worth it. We will see. LOL.

John was a trouper and came to help build the cart for Tevye and came several night to film the show. He will eventually help me edit the shows and make a keepsake dvd for the cast and crew.He had a good time rubbing elbows with other “theatre widower” dad. This dad had his entire family involved in the show. He came to every show just to have the opportunity to see them.

So that was the week. Now I am on to “concert mode.” This week I have an Independence City Council Meeting, 8th grade Forecasting Parent Meeting, District Choir Concert, and Academic All Stars in my space. I am hoping to take Lilli to see Ethan play tennis, Newsies at a local high school and go to the beach too, before I have to work a Democratic Party event in my space. So the play may be over, but we are still plenty busy.

How was your week?

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