Family Friday

Trucking into Summer

Well… School is now over and we are racing into summer.  Lillian got to go on a little road trip with Chad.  He was in Oregon for a visit and drove to Idaho Falls for a wedding and back.  Lilli went to help keep him awake.  Other than being left at the mall during the wedding, I think Lilli had a great time bonding with her brother.

Chad helped out the Jessop family team at the sand castle contest.  It was a super cold and rainy week.  The contest was cold and rainy too!

John and I were a support team for the support team.  We played with the kids.  I held a baby.

Lilli and John flew kites when the sun was out.

The Jessops took 3rd place again.  I think they were jipped.  I really liked this years creation.  They made a mini-golf thing and called it “Sand Trap.”

This week McKay and Myles went to Myles’ sister’s wedding.  I hear Beckett stole the show withe the Karaoke.  It looks like they had a great time with family.

As for the rest of the week… we had the last day of school.  I passed out candy leis to my teacher friends and to Lilli’s teachers.  I enjoyed my garden.  I love getting the farmer’s co-op basket.  Spring is the coolest!  Lilli worked with me on a rental job at school.  I went to dinner and a movie with my friend Jennifer.  It was super fun and I hope we get to do that again.

John was gone all week in Logan for his job.  He got a ton of work done, but there is a ton of work left to do.  We won’t be seeing him much this summer, I am afraid.

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