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A Week of Thankful Boyacks

This is always a big week around our house.  First, there is my birthday… one year older, but not to sure about wiser.  My birthday was like any other day.  Later in the week I spoiled myself and got a hair cut.  Too bad I can never get my hair to look as nice as it does when I leave the hair stylist!  John took me to see a movie and out to dinner for my birthday too.


I’ve been working on my #bethelight efforts.  One of my favorites was when we went to Jamba Juice and left a big tip… read this to know more about that… #bethelight – Day 21

Lillian’s choir began their season of singing for the holidays.  I do like their outfits this year.


Lillian spent time with friends during the week off of school.  Hannah and Lilli went to see Into the Woods at a local high school and met up with some friends.  Lillian and Hannah went to see Justice League with their friend Christian.  They also went to see Coco with Kimber and all the Jessops on Thanksgiving day.  Lilli also hung out with her friends Brynn, Kate, and Ethan.

Ethan was pretty cool and helped us clean up Chad’s room and build the bed we got him.  Chad comes home in less than 2 weeks.  We had tons to do to be ready for his return!

Hannah is a goofball.  She announced yesterday that she was going to measure her leg hairs.  For some reason she doesn’t see the need to shave them.  they were 1/2 inch long.  Thankfully, she has decided to shave them before she leaves for her mission.

We hosted Thanksgiving dinner at our house.  Kimber and Ray and their kids came.  John and Laura Hatch and their kids came.  Later on in the day, after dinner and some people going to the movies, Yvonne and Isaac and Jacob came for pie.  I loved having a chill-axing day with good friends and family.

I tried something new and made a vegetarian (almost vegan) dinner for myself.  You can read more about that here.


It’s been a great week of relaxing, family time, a little clean up, and few chores.  Next week we are all back to the grind stone.


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