#bethelight – Day 21

Yesterday for #bethelight I decided to leave a big tip in a tip jar at Jamba Juice. This man saw me do it and was curious as to why I would do that. I explained that I had a goal to do something kind every day and that today was the day I chose to tip the jar. Everyone tips a server at a table, how many put a tip in the jar? He smiled and said it was a cool idea. Hope he joins me!

Jamba 3

Today for #bethelight I think I will put my phone away while in the company of others.  One of the crazy things I am noticing is that everyone is always looking at their electronic devices.  No one looks at each other anymore.  So… it’s time to put the phones away, for at least a day.


Join me!

Learn more:


A Warrior Spreads Light

#bethelight – Day 1

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