Family Friday

Off We Sprint into October

Your weeks keep moving forward and by the looks of these family posts you may think that the only activity we ever do is work on the set for Mamma Mia.  Well… I do spend a ton of time doing that.  It is true.  However, the real truth is, it’s the only time I think to pull out a camera.  oops.

But I did take a few pictures of rehearsal this week.  They are not good pictures because I took them with my iPad… but it’s something.  I really could use a real camera.  However, who has time to learn how to use it well?  LOL.  At any rate, I am super proud of these kids.  THey are working hard.  Everyone is off book and we are able to do the work of polishing.  It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to polish a show BEFORE tech.  Seriously, this group of kids ROCKS!

I did take pictures of set build this week.  This week we took a deep breath and dove into  re-painting our large drop.  We haven’t painted it since we did Oklahoma, three years ago (Okay, we modified the hills for Lion King Jr. last year).  My friends Joy and Julie came back to help paint this drop.  Let’s be honest… there is not time for me to do it all.  They painted the original drop, and although their kids have long sense graduated, they agreed to come back and help us out.  Good bye Oklahoma sky… hello Grecian sky!

We started the work on the floor.  We got about a third of the base coat down and started painting the rocks.  This will take a while.  We will finish them off tomorrow…. I hope.  Per my tradition, I am putting the names of each kid who worked on the set at rocks.  It’s my way of signing my art.

We also painted all the trim.

John worked with me and we got all the practical electrical up and running.  We still need to work out getting to the top piece of the wall.  We don’t have a ladder that can get up there.  Dang it!

We continue working on perfecting a motor to turn the tun table.  My dad came, intending to replace the drill (the motor) with a quieter one.  However, when he saw that the wheel was ripped to shreds, he packed it up and took it home to make modifications.  Meanwhile, tonight John will help me and we will try to level out the edge of the turntable so that the wheel will have something more stable to push on.

So this is how we left the week of work on the set.


This week we are getting into the swing of things of having extra people in the house.  Freya’s pre-school class went to a pumpkin patch.  Ben has a cough, so Kimber kept him home from school.  He got to go pick a pumpkin too.  He is super proud of his pumpkin because it looks like a butt.  LOL.  Fun kid!

Holland is picking up new tricks… crawling.  We need to work fast to baby proof the whole house.  He also likes to help with the dishwasher.

Hannah is still doing super well on her mission.  She is happy.  I am glad.  Sadly… she broke her phone.  She is hoping it can get repaired.

So… that was our week.  Hope everyone who reads this blog post had a good week too!

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