Family Friday

Keeping Busy!

The week has been extra busy this week.  Last weekend was packed!  Lilli went on a school field trip to Ashland to see two great Shakespeare shows.  She road the bus with a some of her friends.  They even watched a few episodes of The Office on the bus.  They stopped for lunch in Eugene.  The first night they saw Romeo and Juliet.  The next day they had a workshop with some of the actors.  Lilli enjoyed being a “tumbleweed.”  They enjoyed a production of Othello.  Lilli is a big fan of Shakespeare, so she was in her element.

Plus, she got to spend time over the weekend with her best friend, Ethan.  Ethan is a good sport.  He even allowed her to pluck his eyebrows.  LOL.  Kids are funny.


They also got to do some sight seeing and shopping in downtown Ashland.  Of course, Lilli found the perfect stuffed animal… a cute little octopus.

Meanwhile, I directed people in the work of finishing the set.  We didn’t finish, but we are SO close!  Let me remind you, this is the biggest project I have ever created!  When I say I created it, I do so fully acknowledging that people help me.  There is no way I could create these sets without volunteers coming in to help.  We worked on the floor.  The rocks look so cool!  My friends, Joy and Julie, finished the backdrop and it looks AMAZING!  My super cool dad came with his creation to move the turntable.  He mad most of the machine many years ago to pull hoses to the top of a hose tower at the fire station.  They had done some remodeling and ask if he wanted it back.  He went and got it and re-worked it a bit to help me.  He made is out of parts from an old rototiller, a winch off one of his trucks, a tire, angle iron, a couple motorcycle shocks, nuts and bolts, a couple turn buckles, and a hole hog drill.  John and Jeff helped me straighten out the edge of the turn table to make it more even for the machine to be able to push the 5000 pound turntable.  The kids in the cast have come to work parties and given up Friday evenings and Saturdays to help.  Seriously, so many people have contributed to this beautiful set.  I may have to retire with this one because I don’t think I will ever be able to create something as awesome as this one.

After working on the set I went home to watch the rest of General Conference.  However, I didn’t do that.  I made applesauce with John instead.  We made about 24 jars of apple sauce for McKay.  She wanted some homemade applesauce, so I got the apples and John helped me make the sauce and get the sauce into jars.  But Sunday I listened to conference.  I am so grateful that you can listen on-line.  I was able to list to Saturday and Sunday sessions.  Conference Weekend is my favorite weekend of the year… and we get it twice!  You can read about what inspired me in Conference here.

Of course, Lilli and I also went to Mamma Mia rehearsal every day.  The show is going to be so good!  I am grateful to be a small part of it.  These kids may never remember me, but they will always be a part of my heart.

This week was also Homecoming.  Lilli decided to give a school dance another try.  This time she went with a group of friends.  These guys are great  friends that she does theatre with.  This time, she had fun.  I was working hard to get ready for tech the next day on Saturday, so they came into the theatre so I could get pictures.  After being at the dance for a bit, they came in, changed, and helped paint the floor for a little while.

Hannah is doing well on her mission.  While we were painting the set, Hannah was helping to paint for one of the families she serves.   This week she got some yeast and made rolls.  She must have been in heaven.  She loves bread!

So that was the week.  How was your week?

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