Family Friday

Ending a Whirlwind Year

We ended 2018 with a bang! Tons of work. Tons of performances. McKay and family moving to Salem. Christmas. John going back to Logan to work for a long 2 week assignment… and illness.

We had several dance performance roll through the auditorium. Lillian’s friend Ethan learned the light board for one performance because Lilli was on stage. Freya also graced the stage with her dance moves.

The choir got to sing with the Opera star again. It is such a beautiful concert. It makes me sad that only around 50 people came to hear it. I personally sent out 80 postcards. However, I think we could do more to advertise the event. It really is a great way to end the school part of the year and to begin the Christmas break.

Lilli and I worked a few more concerts. All dance related. Those aren’t so bad because we get paid extra for rentals. But our biggest job of the break has been helping McKay and Myles move into their new house in West Salem. The day before they were suppose to arrive we went over and took a load of stuff that was in our garage. I am so glad Lillian’s friend Ethan is willing to do anything to spend time around us. He and Lilli worked their tails off moving things into the garage, setting up “Christmas” and covering the carpets with a special plastic so that people moving things off the truck wouldn’t destroy the carpet with mud. The next day we were back. Very few people from their new ward came. Again, Lilli and Ethan were troopers and carried things around and unloaded boxes. There is still a lot to go. I haven’t been over there as much as I was hoping to be because I got super sick and can’t take a breathe in without hacking out a lung. Still… they are beginning to make things feel like home.

After working at McKay’s for a little while, I took Kimber, Lilli, and Ethan to Portland to see the Oregon Ballet’s performance of the Nutcracker. To say Lilli was excited was an understatement. She could not contain her excitement. I originally wanted to make it a girls thing, but McKay wasn’t feeling up to going and since Ethan had just worked his butt off helping McKay move in it seemed appropriate to have him use the ticket. It was super fun. I’d like to make it an annual tradition. I will probably bring the little girls next year too.

We all got together for Christmas Eve and made the traditional Christmas Chili and potato soup. We had the little kids open a small present of a blanket Papa had gotten for them for going to see the Christmas lights in style. It was sure fun to see all the kids play together. The kids also helped me to make cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning.

After attempting to listen to the Christmas story we all bundled up and to the Mickey Mouse house. Holy cow! Those kids were excited. Lenayah was very disappointed that Mickey didn’t actually live there and that she couldn’t go in to meet him.

Christmas morning was filled with stockings and opening presents…

And most exciting of all, talking to Hannah. We had to put a time limit on everyone because everyone wants to talk, but you can’t understand a thing if people are all talking at once. We did lose the phone call one and the picture froze…

Is this not a perfect example of a Hannah face? It froze just like this.

Hannah is actually adjusting well to her new area. We loved chatting with her and hearing her stories and telling her ours. She holds some kind of cup stacking record too. Who knew that was a thing?

For the rest of the Christmas break, I hung out in bed. Body aches. Coughing my lungs out. Wheezing. Fever. No big deal. Lilli was sick too. We were boring. (although, starting tomorrow we are back at the crazy schedule with a rental for the last 3 days of the Christmas break).

Kimber and the kids have been sick too, but that hasn’t stopped them from going to the Aquarium in Newport and playing at their other grandma’s house.

John has been gone for a week. He is working in Logan again. Some big project is launching We won’t see him for a while more. If this project works then they start a new project and he starts traveling to somewhere new..

McKay, Myles and the kids are trying to get settled in. I know it would go faster if I could get over there. But trust me. They do not need this germ at their house. McKay really needs to do a ton of sitting until this baby is done cooking in there.

Over all, 2018 was a great year. Sure, there were some downs, but the biggest description for 2018 is up. Our family is growing. Our family moving forward. We have been blessed.

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