Family Friday

Counting Down Summer at Our House

I got to the end of the week and found that I did not take very many pictures.  It’s a bit of a let down.  Oops.  It’s not not like we didn’t do anything this week.

When we got home from Utah I went into teaching mode.  However, I did stay up real late one night and took Lillian and her friends to see Meg, the best dumb movie ever.  I don’t know if the intended on making it a comedy, but it was one for sure!  We all laughed through the whole thing.  Sometime after midnight we were out taking pictures with the statues outside the movie theatre… except they couldn’t stop laughing at each other, so it didn’t work so well.  The next day, John took me to a theatre that serves dinner and we got dinner and watched Solo. It was surprisingly good.

I am too nice and let Lillian sleep in past noon nearly everyday.  She did have a few activities this week.  She had rehearsal for 3 days in the afternoon.  She got to hang out with Ethan a couple days.  She even got to hang out with a couple of other friends from school here and there.


Mostly, this is what she did.  We worked on cleaning up stuff for Kimber and Ray to move in a bit too.  I just really wanted to take a bit of a  calm week because next week I start back at school with meetings in the auditorium that want my help, lessons to teach and more rehearsals.  Hopefully, I will do better at taking pictures this coming week!

News around the “grown up” family…

Holland tried solid foods this week.  Kimber let him chew on whatever they were eating.  He did have a little trouble passing it, so Kimber won’t let him try so many foods in the next few weeks, but he LOVED food.


At McKay’s house Kaiden went back to school.  He looks so happy.  I hope he transitions to school hours easily.  I think Lenayah went to preschool for the first time too.  However, her mom didn’t post any pictures of how she felt about school.  They are all going to be in some kind of flex for the next few months and Myles looks for a job and they eventual move.  A few weeks of normal routine would be welcomed!  Good thing Chad can help them once in awhile.  He works hard at his job.  He is good with McKay’s kids and is willing to help her when she asks.  That is going to be needed during this transition time.

So there is the week.  I wonder what this new week will bring us.

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