#bethelight – Day 39

Yesterday I was NOT a bystander.  Yesterday I stood up to defend those who needed a friend.  Yesterday I worked on The Bully Plays at school.  Yesterday I put my arm around a girl who needed to know she wasn’t alone.  Yesterday I helped a girl who needed a little help dealing with a normal problem, but a big deal all the same.

Jesus taught:  “I was sick, and ye visited me.”  —Matthew 25:36
Sickness and hard times affect us all eventually. We can help lift those who are suffering, even if all we do is devote a little time to visiting them.
Learn more about #LIGHTtheWOLRD by clicking here.
Today I will take time to lift the hands of the weary.  Today I will take time to visit someone who is need of a smiling face.
Join me!

2 thoughts on “#bethelight – Day 39”

  1. I befriended an elderly neighbor and now we watch over her and her sweet spirit that is on the journey with dementia. We parted with a hug. We share a love of wind chimes. Last evening, sitting next to someone new at our ward RS Christmas party, I found a new BFF in our #5 for her youngest (they share the same exact B-day!) as they are new here, not knowing anyone. The Lord will use us, if we say to him, “Use me. Here I am.” ❤️


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